Now the patent lawsuit against Verizon starts to get weird

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by Johncv, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Johncv

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  2. daveak

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    Either they have some super secret awesome way of doing their software on their devices :)D:rolleyes:) or they have something to hide. Or they are just trying every delay tactic they can think of doing... TiVo lawyers have learned well from Echostar - One would think.
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    Interesting. Do you suppose Echostar raised money for their settlement by selling their playbook to Motorola? "It may not save you but it should buy you a good ten years to build something non-infringing."
  4. Series3Sub

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    Mar 14, 2010
    The Echostar tactic is what all the new defendants will do because by the "10 years" nrc cites, TiVo will only be a grave marker along Pan American Airlines, et al., RCA consumer electronics (not even GE, the buyer of RCA, makes consumer electronics any longer) and other one-time great or innovative companies to be no more.

    And Ergan did alright in the TiVo settlement: how OWNS the TiVo patents, FOREVER and EVER, no lucrative licensing stream at $5 per month (TiVo got a few Echostar patents in return), for a pittance, but Tom said he, "didn't want to wait for the Supreme Court [to decide whether to hear the case]. TiVo had run out of time and desperatley needed this cash as the lawsuit was bleeding TiVo's cash.

    Oh, and in the meantime, Echostar/Dish has replaced the vast majority of the supposed offending DVR's, which meant that while Dish risked an order to shut-off the offending DVR's, it was prepared to replace the remaining ones pretty quickly, but a DVR shut-off would have been bad publicity. Still, Dish used the time very well. One could see it as the best TiVo could get from Dish as they weren't going to get any money at all, in the long run, with a licensing deal. In short, the delay tactic worked as it should have.

    So, yeah, the delay tactic will work as TiVo has an even WORSE future than when it sued Echostar/Dish (only because at the time Dish had by far the most DVR's in homes). We are to believe that EVERY DVR maker or MVPD that provides DVR's that have NO DEALS nor INTEREST IN ANY DEALS with TiVo have all stolen TiVo's mighty patents? PLEAAASSSEE! Tom Rogers is already on record as stating that if MVPD's or others don't want to talk to them about licensing deals or other business together, he would sue them. This is not a time to proud of TiVo as Tom Rogers seems to have done more to hurt TiVo with the underwhelming Premiere and changing attitude toward his most loyal and enthusiastic fanboys: the high-paying retail customers. Meanwhile MSO's get all the colon greasing Tom Rogers can muster.

    I would have loved to have purchased the Premiere, if there were a reason to give up my, IMHO, superior Series 3 648. And I would love to buy the next TiVo product, but the way TiVo has been the last few years along with its new pricing structure and few innovations and terrible implantation of the touted and "everything box" OTT offering that was to make the TiVo product the best, but with the WORST interface when compared to all others, I doubt it.

    Yep, these defendants are going to bankrupt TiVo because, according to Tom's logic, the Echostar victory, which NEVER came, but changed to an Echostar settlement that was too favorable to Dish at a cheap price, doesn't put the fear in the new defendants that Rogers was hoping. They were all supposed to have signed deals with TiVo by now, shaking in their boots as to what "happened" to Echostar. It didn't work out that way and Rogers was not supposed to have even MORE legal costs at this stage of the game. But ones opponents don't always go along with the Tom Rogers plan. That's what Rogers has done with TiVo.
  5. Series3Sub

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    Mar 14, 2010


    Uh, actually, no fund raising necessary as Dish turned around and bought several companies after the wire transfer (and was way too favorable to Dish at too low a price, but TiVo needed that cash YESTERDAY and knew it was the best it could get, most likely). It is poor Tom Rogers who is going to have to sell even more chocolate bars door to door as he was NOT expecting to have to continue the huge financial burden of multiple lawsuits going down the same Echostar path. The defendants were all supposed to be lined up ready to sign deals with TiVo after defendants having witnessed the "devastation" of Echostar dragging it out several years, not performing the same Echostar movie all over again.

    A once innovative company is still on life-support, but couldn't manage to wow us with the Premiere nor make it stable. I believe the Premiere is now the worst product TiVo has put out, according to the posts on this forum (even worse than the troublesome early days of the S3 and HD). While there are some good stories out there, there are still far too many negative ones with long-time TiVo fanboys bidding "farewell" to TiVo. Rogers is responsible for a pretty cheapskate product in the Premiere, and that is very sad. The Premiere seems a true black mark on the history of TiVo. I just hope TiVo can mange one more truly innovative and really well designed box before the curtain falls so that the TiVo epitaph can be a good one.

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