Now the ads are p***ing me off

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    Aug 31, 2003


    Not at all. First of all, I did not assign any relative importance to any particular problem. The root of many problems is based upon the same failure - people at first have an issue with something - how important is not the real question - and fight it for a while, but then grow tired and just give up fighting it. The attitude that it is "old news" is very much part and parcel of the fundamental issue. Mountains of evil are not made of a handful of giant inequities, BTW. They are made of trillions and trillions of tiny little inequities piled on one another for years and years.

    Secondly, more than $1 Trillion a year is extorted from U.S. consumers without their permission ( mostly without them even realizing it ) through advertising. A small fraction of that amount could definitely end all traces of hunger worldwide, completely eliminate safety issues in automobiles and other transportation, significantly reduce pollution, and provide safe and effective means of supplying our energy needs for the next generation, at the very least. It might even be able to find a means to cure or prevent cancer. On the other side of the coin, we have Gray's Anatomy and Survivor, plus an economy that is on the very verge of total collapse. 'And you say my priorities are screwed up??
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    At first glance, I thought you were going to talk about taxes even though I knew that figure was way to low. So you are proposing the advertisers stop secretly extorting the public - and the government just take (extort) all that money spent on advertising and fix things? I think even Steve jobs with Apple would be against that approach. ;)
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    No, I'm not suggesting the money be given to the government. It would be nice if it actually got used to do something useful, after all. The points are:

    1. It's not a small problem. It is but a small manifestation of a giant problem. We Americans (and others, I suppose) have a habit of seeing blood and going for a band-aid, rather than realizing there are millions of gallons of blood, and that the answer is to figure out how to keep everyone from being cut in the first place, not trying to attend to a single small wound.

    2. The millions of gallons of blood aren't going to disappear by themselves, nor will they do so overnight. It requires everyone to wake up and notice all the cuts. It also requires that everyone continue to staunch the flow of blood, not just get used to the fact we are all being lacerated.

    3. Fundamental problemns require fundamental understanding and fundamental changes both in attitude and in processes. Whining about one small company putting up ads on one small platform isn't going to cut it. As long as other companies can obtain a competitive advantage by advertising, then they are going to advertise to obtain that advantage. If other companies obtain such an advantage, then the first company in question is going to be forced to advertise in order to compete.

    And then we foot the bill for the fact all the companies want to corner the market.
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    How important is the real question - ads on the TiVo are just NOT that big a deal. They are unobtrusive and do not affect me when I go to use my TiVo DVR. I even click on a couple that have interest to me but it is totally my choice to look at the actual ad or not.

    Some folks have a reaction to any advertising whatsoever - so the wiener bar ads that show up really do bug them. OK, that is an honest reaction, and your opinion of them is just that, yours. However; to try and make your opinion some failing on my part crosses the line.
    Since the ads have no impact on me, I am fine with TiVo making some extra bucks as I like their products and that I indeed do have far more important things to worry about then it simply is NOT a failing on my part or many others to not join you in your crusade. You fail to see that and instead try and sound all important as if you are blowing the horn to defend the last bastion of democracy by getting ads off your TiVo interface.
    Have fun with that

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