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    May 14, 2015
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    what is the path for the now playing videos on the pc at the end if the My Shows list? the pc shows up after the other wired dvrs in the house
  2. tlp95129

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    May 16, 2008
    The default location is a folder "My Tivo Recordings" in your Documents (or MyDocuments) folder. You can set that to whatever you want in TivoDesktop.
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    Assuming that you are running TiVo Desktop on one or more PCs on your home network (also known as a LAN, or Local Area Network), the name(s) you give the PC(s) will appear at the bottom of the Now Playing List below the names assigned to any other TiVos on your LAN for which you've enabled show sharing on the Device Preferences page on the website while logged into your account there.

    Although the name(s) of the PC(s) appear(s), what's "inside" it/them is not every file on the computer, but just the .tivo files inside the My TiVo Recordings folder on that PC.

    That folder, by default, gets put somewhere on your C: drive when you install Desktop.

    I think it goes somewhere like

    C:\Documents and Settings\unitron\Local Settings\Application Data\TiVo Desktop

    along with a bunch of other files.

    (unless by some very unlikely co-incidence your user name on the PC is "unitron", that part will be different)

    But the MTR folder doesn't have to stay there.

    The actual Desktop program and a whole bunch of other files it needs to run are also installed on the C: drive somewhere like

    C:\Program Files\TiVo\Desktop

    Except for the MTR folder, and perhaps the Desktop server cache folder, it's probably best to leave all that other stuff where it is.

    But the MTR folder is movable, if you want to move it.

    Why might you?

    Perhaps you don't have all that much room on the partition which is your C: drive, but have other partitions, perhaps on other drives (including externals plugged in via USB) attached to that same PC, with lots more room.

    Perhaps, like me, you're still running XP and your boot partition(s), i.e, C: drive(s) is/are still formatted FAT32 instead of NTFS, especially if your XP installation was an "upgrade" of 98 SE or some other previous version of Windows, and since FAT32 has a 4GB file size limit (which is about 5 minutes short of big enough for a 2 hour movie recorded at Best Quality off of analog cable), it's better to have the MTR folder on an NTFS formatted partition.

    If you wish for the MTR folder to be elsewhere, launch Desktop, click on File in the upper left hand corner, then click on Preferences, if necessary click on the Files tab on the Preferences "box" that pops up, and down where it says File Locations you'll see the current path to the MTR folder and a button that says "Change" you can click if you want that folder elsewhere.

    To move the TiVo Server Cache folder (which you don't have to do to move the MTR folder but might want to if space is tight on your C: drive), go back to the upper left hand corner of the main TiVo Desktop page, click on Services, TiVo Server Properties, and then the Performance tab.

    Another neat MTR folder trick is that you can have other folders on any drive attached to the PC with .tivo files in them, and put shortcuts to those folders in the MTR folder, and those files will be available on the TiVo inside the "PC name" folder as well.

    (if for some reason, like drive removal or failure, one of those folders to which you have shortcutted is not available, TiVo Desktop will not launch properly, because it can't find it, until you remove the shortcut from the MTR folder)

    I have a Buffalo Link Station Pro (which holds a hard drive, has its own CPU and an Ethernet jack, which I can hook up to my router just like I do my PC and TiVo) to which I can assign a drive letter on my PC, and a shortcut to it in the MTR folder will result in any .tivo files on it being accessible on the TiVo as well.

    Whether I could actually put the MTR folder itself on the Link Station is an experiment I haven't tried yet.

    Any questions? :D

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