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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by jstonend, Mar 21, 2011.

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    I have a Tivo Premiere XL - it was working fine with its CableCARD from my old cable company, now I've had to move. I'm trying to get it setup in my new place, but I don't have the New CableCARD yet. Right now, all I want is the ability to watch what I have recorded.

    So - the TiVo is connected to my network and internet and connected to my TV with an HDMI cable (Same exact setup in old house). When I power up the TiVo, I get the please wait, etc for about the same startup time as usual - the Tivo noticed that I didn't have a cable card and asked me if I wanted to install one - I said "No" because I dont' have it yet - then it asked me to run Guided setup - at this point I did not.

    So - my problem - now when I hit the TiVo button on my remote, I heard the sound effect but then I get an unresponsive Black Screen - when I hit TiVo, Live TV, Select or any direction button I hear the error sound but nothing happens. After about 20 minutes the TiVo times out and attempts to show me Live TV - I hit the Tivo button again and the same problem happens.

    Please help!! - Thanks.
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    Maybe you need to go through Guided Setup.

  3. windracer

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    Maybe it's a format issue? When you get the black screen, try pressing the Format button on the front of your TiVo to cycle through the different settings and see if the video comes back.

    Also, can you try a different connection other than HDMI (i.e., component or composite)?

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