Now I remember why I dumped Frontier

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  1. mde8965

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    Dec 8, 2019
    I am a frustrated new TiVo user (well, wanabee user).

    I am in the Tampa Bay area in Florida. I currently have Spectrum cable. As with everyone else, my bill, which includes 2 DVR's and another cable box, 100/10 internet and phone has increased from around $190 a little over a year ago to $236 today. I am trying to get a cableCARD and tuning adapter from Spectrum to use with my TiVo that I bought from TiVo and has arrived and is activated. I called a week ago to order the card and TA. They said it would arrive in 2-3 days. I called yesterday, 6 days after I ordered it and they proceed to tell me there warehouse is backed up and it has not shipped yet, but hopefully back in another week if it does not arrive. Really? And it took me a good 45 minutes on the phone to place the original order since nobody knew what to do (how to code the order)...

    So, being mad I got online and started looking at FIOS which is available through Frontier in my area. I gave frontier the boot in 2016 not long after Verizon sold to them. They tried to jack my bill over $50/month after my Verizon contract ran out. I threatened to quit them and their retention people supposedly qualified me for a bunch of discounts so my bill was only going up $8. So I signed up for another 2 year contract. Low and behold the next bill was $50 higher. Then I called only to be told the retention folks that helped me had no authorization to qualify me for the discounts they "supposedly"did, adding that they did not believe they told me that in the first place. This even though they recoded the conversation. DAMN!. So I said I want to cancel service. To which they replied that there was a $100 or #200 cancellation fee to break my contract. So several hours on the phone and threatened lawsuits and reporting to the FCC, and the cancellation fee for the (non) contract was waived. So they cancel my service, or so I thought. They cancelled by TV and internet but not the phone. So I get a bill the next month for non bundled phone service for over $35. I called and they had the nerve to tell me I never asked to have the phone cancelled. I said "what part of cancel my services" didnt you understand. More calls and threatened lawsuits and I ended up paying them $12 to be rid of them.

    Leads me to today. Looking into FIOS again, I make a call to inquire about a bundle. Extreme HD, 500/500 and phone. The conversation was not going too bad until I asked about a cableCARD. The dude said you would not get that through us. You can call customer service to set that up. So I asked what the monthly rental charge for the card was and he could not tell me. So he proceeds to tell me with the package I want that I have to have at least one of their DVR's at $11/month. The router is $10. I told him I have my own router I just need a modem. Still $11/month. So for what I want he says $134.98 for the bundle, plus $11 for the DVR, plus $10 for the modem. Plus $75 for install (wires outside my house are cut and battery backup Verizon left here years ago is non-op). I added that up and it is $155.98 + whatever the card costs + I am guessing a broadcast fee and taxes. I ask him what the total bill would be, and he cannot provide that info he says? Why not? Because taxes are different in different locations. I said yes, but you have my zip code which should tell you that. He says, "I don;t understand why you cannot understand what I am saying to you...I cannot provide that information".

    So I ended the conversation rather abruptly. Why in the heck did I bother? Yeah, the total bill would likely be $20-$30 less than I am paying with SPectrum, but as bad as Spectrum customer service is, Frontier is a total hellhole.

    Sorry for the wall of text rant.
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    Jun 19, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    So, the contract Retention was not authorized to give you is legally binding on only 1 end?

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  3. mde8965

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    Dec 8, 2019
    Well like I said they tried to deny ever having quoted me the price they quoted me and actually accused me of making it up. At which time I knew the likely had deleted the recording of the conversation. Frontier is unscrupulous. Too bad. I loved Verizon FIOS. Good customer service too.
  4. mlsnyc

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    Dec 2, 2009
    I have Verizon fios and while I’d say they’re better than their competition (as opposed to being the lesser evil) their customer service can still leave a lot to be desired. They didn’t honor a cheaper price for the bundle I’m on when I saw it offered to me online. I signed up for it and got an email confirmation with the new monthly price. But when the next bill came it was still at the previous, higher price. I called to ask why and got the runaround over a span of about two weeks. It finally concluded when a not-so-friendly rep told me I’m not allowed to change terms in the middle of a contract. She scolded me like I was a misbehaving schoolchild for trying it. Meanwhile, they have no problem extending my contract another 2 years at the price I was already paying.

    I would move to Spectrum who’d charge $20–$30 less per month for the same thing. But their cable card and tuning adapter shenanigans keep me from making the switch. I’m on my last TiVo so maybe when I’m done with that I’ll switch to whoever gives me the best price and use their crappy hardware. Or cut the cord altogether.
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  5. Fugacity

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    Oct 1, 2004
    As someone who just went through this. I did not file a complaint, but went to one of their stores. The bigger of 2 in the area twice. Once the day of my install, and then 6 days later since they hadn't called me. The cable card wasn't right, but the TA was at least. Then they came the next day wasted about 4 hours and basically took a cableCARD out of an HD box and then ran out of time for the day to set it up, right before thanksgiving. It took several hours of techs, multiple days and a couple calls to the main spectrum number. I also had called the main number and asked to be shipped a cableCARD and TA the same day i ordered one from the store and they never shipped the order either I have fedex delivery manager and would know within an hour or so of fedex receiving my package so I knew in a couple of days they never shipped it.

    If I had to do this again I would just have filed an FCC complaint after they didn't ship my cableCARD in a couple of days. Submit a request – FCC Complaints, choose equipment and then cablecard. Supposedly someone will get to you in a couple of days.

    Your area likely has STBs/DVRs with removable cableCARDS. Taking one of these out of your DVRs won't work, you need them to give you one from one they aren't using so it can be paired with your TiVO . My arris box has a door held in with 2 screws that says M-CARD DEVICE ONLY on it... A cableCARD is not something that should be difficult to find for them, its not outdated, etc.. Every single STB/DVR has a cableCARD in it somewhere even if it isn't easily removed.
  6. mde8965

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    Dec 8, 2019
    Thanks for your reply. Sounds like you went through quite an ordeal. I too have FedEx Delivery Manager. So I know as of tonight nothing has been shipped. I plan to give it until Wednesday. If I don’t see the shipment I will file the FCC Complaint and will call Spectrum too. It’s a real shame these companies are doing this in an effort to kill cableCards and specifically TiVo.
    Times change but I just cannot see myself streaming all my content through some sort of convoluted YouTube TV, OTA and Hulu concoction But at the same time I’ll be darned if I just bend over and keep letting Spectrum or Frontier put it to me time and time again.

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