NOVA: Flying Supersonic (history of Concorde), OAD 10/24/18

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    Flying Supersonic

    My TiVo had recorded this as a suggestion. Apparently, it’s a new ep and it looks like you can watch it online.

    Was a bit surprising that they claimed the crash of the Soviet Tu-144 (aka Concordski) during an air show had an unknown cause. I'd seen another documentary (likely on PBS) MANY years ago claiming it was some other plane trying to take pictures who got too close (IIRC), surprised the Tu-144 pilot and caused them to overstress the Tu-144 in trying to avoid a collision, causing it to break up.

    Also, they didn’t touch on the retrofits made to the Concorde after its only crash when a piece of metal caused a tire to explode and fuel to leak.

    Prior to this, I knew virtually 0 about the backstory of the proposed Boeing 2707, a supersonic competitor and that JFK had announced an American effort to have a commercially viable supersonic passenger plane.
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    I have a season pass for Nova so I watched the episode. I recall some of the events from when I was in elementary school but Kennedy speeches are before my era. All I remember of Kennedy is being in kindergarten the day he was assassinated. The adults were very upset that day.

    That almost sounds like the XB-70 Valkyrie crash got conflated with the Tu-144 crash. With the XB-70 a chase plane got too close and got sucked into some of the engines.

    The Concorde may have been beautiful and high performance but it was always too expensive to ever turn a profit. That's why no supersonic airline has been made since. Something has to dramatically reduce the fuel consumption at supersonic speeds for any airline to be able to afford to go that fast. Almost no one is willing to pay 16 times as much to got twice as fast, so subsonic airliners rule the air.
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    I think that was part of the appeal. In the 60s, the “Jet Set” were the people who could jump on a plane and travel to far away places, on a whim.

    As time went on, flying became available to the hoi polloi, it became less appealing.

    When the Concorde came along, with limited seating and high prices, it was in the sweet spot for well-off travelers.
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    [tangent] TCF's word-of-the-day. :up: (Last made an appearance here a year ago.) :) [/tangent]
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    This Nova ep claimed "The cause of the crash was never officially determined."

    I found the transcript of what I watched before at NOVA | Transcripts | Supersonic Spies | PBS. Search for mirage or stress.
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    You guys should send in a correction????

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