NOVA: Decoding COVID-19

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    Decoding COVID-19

    Had posted about it in the coronavirus thread.

    Was a good episode. Some of the info at the beginning you might already know if you’d been keeping up with COVID-19 news. I didn’t know much before RNA vaccines and how quickly they go bad/become ineffective.

    Was interesting to see a bit more about Wuhan’s green/yellow/red code system, QR code scanning that incorporates contact tracing closer to the end. That along w/the temperature checks are WAY more strict than anything else we have in the US now.
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    For those who missed it, it's on YouTube:
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    I tried watching this for a second time last night and of course I fell asleep again. It is not because I am not interested but I have been this way do to the way I was working for the past year and a half. I worked second shift during the week and then got about 2 to 3 hours of sleep Friday night and then went into work for day shift Saturday and Sunday. I did that for 13 months straight until I got laid off at the end of March. Even being off for two months I usually still fall asleep 10 to 20 minutes after I turn the TV on in the evening.
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    Looks like my guide data was messed up, or wasn't updated. Seems as if Decoding Covid-19 and Eagle Power, S47E8-9, got swapped but the guide data didn't.

    I've got a recording that's listed as S478, Eagle Power, that was recorded on 5/13, but it is actually the Decoding Covid-19 episode.
    I've got a recording that's listed as S47E9, Decoding Covid-19, that was recorded on 5/20, but it is actually the Eagle Power episode.

    I suppose I could download both with kmttg, mess with the filenames and metadata, and then transfer back to my TiVo... but it's not worth the bother. I'll just remember until I get around to watching them. Right.
  5. cwerdna

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    Gotta love crappy Rovi guide data!

    Can't you just watch it while it's still online? If you have a Chromecast or something that YouTube can cast to, you can watch on a big screen.

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