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    I would agree with DevdogAZ. Terra Nova is too expensive a show, and much too high profile, to keep around "just in case."

    Think of it this way: it'd be like a pro sports team keeping around a top earning, low performing player on the bench as a backup, "just in case." That's a lot of money tied up in a bench-warmer.
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    I think you misunderstood what I was saying and what I was responding to. The article in question wasn't suggesting that FOX would be keeping TN around just as a backup. It was saying that they'd renew TN if none of their spring dramas worked out. Since renewal decisions aren't typically made until April or May, they could simply wait and see how Alcatraz or Touch do and if they don't make it, then they could renew TN for next year.*

    My point was that FOX is successful enough right now that it doesn't need to renew TN just because it doesn't have anything else to air. If they're just looking for something to fill a slot next fall, they could greenlight another pilot this spring, or renew House, or any number of other things. If they choose to renew TN, it will be because they believe the show can succeed and make money rather than just because it was the least objectionable alternative.

    According to info in another thread, FOX has picked up the options on the actor's contracts, so they're currently under contract for a second season if FOX decides to produce it.

    *Based on Kevin Reilly's comments yesterday, it seems that given the lead time needed to produce a full season of TN, they'd have to make a decision on renewal within the next month or two, so they probably won't know by that point whether their spring shows will succeed or not.
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    So you mean that most people _thought_ Terra Nova didn't make money, which would make them think it wouldn't get renewed, right??

    New cartoons. That's good, but I'd actually be happy with regular/guaranteed reruns of the Sunday Night shows (ok, so I guess the only ones I watch/record nowadays regularly are Bob's Burgers, Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad) a week later -- so I could have some of them record the Sat Night rerun... and have fewer padding issues. (Those !#$ cartoons need 1 minute end pad.)
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    ..and what is the hot Castle chick doing in that world?
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    I have a bad habit of doing that too.
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    BIH, Alternate Fox!!!

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