Noob question - Series2 with digital converter box + projector

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by lilpinky, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Here's the set up I have - I've looked through the similar threads but haven't found quite the answer I'm looking for (or they sounded far too complicated for me to figure out).

    I have an InFocus Play Big IN72 projector, a Series2 tivo, a digital converter box (Motorola DCT700) that my cable company (RCN) just gave me, and regular (now digital) cable through the wall.

    Before this whole digital business, I had the cable from the wall hooked into the TiVo, then the TiVo hooked to the projector via S-Video. Now that they've given me this digital converter box, however, I've been unable to get any channels or the TiVo to function properly.

    The set up I tried was wall to digital converter box input, then coax output from the converter box to the tivo, then tivo to the projector via s-video. The TiVo, however, just says that there is no cable input and won't let me press any buttons or get to any menus.

    Being a total newbie at this stuff, what am I missing here? To "activate" the converter box I had to punch in some numbers over the phone and told to tune my TV to channel 3, but of course, since I don't have a real TV I couldn't do that (because the TiVo wasn't recognizing any input).

    I am totally at a loss! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You have to rerun Tivo guided setup and tell it you have "cable with box". I'd recommend using the composite video/stereo audio (yellow/red/white RCA jacks) rather than the RF output. There is a portion of the setup process where you tell it what input you are using, and another where you setup the IR blaster which are the key points to get right.

    You probably want to "activate" the converter box by hooking it straight to the TV first, before getting the Tivo involved.

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