No Video signal...won't record????

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    Hi all,

    My series 2 DTV/Tivo has failed to record programs a couple times now. When I go to play what I thought was recorded I get a message to the effect of, there was no video signal so it couldn't record the program. I wouldn't question but in both cases I am certain there was a video signal because I watched a part of the show live before switching to another channel to let it record.

    What would cause this? The HDD is only a couple years old but it is a replacement. Could it (the HDD) be going south or am I losing a tuner?

    I'm at a loss on how to troubleshoot this.
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    Basic troubleshooting is to check the signal strengths on all transponders on all satellites. Then swap inputs as suggested above and recheck signal strengths.

    Also tell us what DirecTV TiVo model you have.
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    I had the same thing happen a couple of times after the 6.3e "upgrade."

    It hasn't happened to me since 10/9, when things seemed to start getting slowly better in terms of the freezing, etc.

    October 9 was the only time that I experienced re-boots during the period, the first one where the screen froze, and I had to hard-reboot, and then a spontaneous soft-reboot about an hour later.

    I have not missed any recordsing in the two plus weeks since then, and the momentary black screen effect has become progressively rarer.

    So, I suspect that the failure to record, as you describe it, is yet another manifestation of the the 6.3e mess.

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