...no longer connected to the internet. No; Apps, Netflix, Prime, or Search

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    >>>Spoiler alert:
    I found a proper solution. It all about Power Saving Settings

    There are threads on a repeating theme where you attempt to use the Streaming Apps and instead get an error message saying… “This Tivo box is not longer connected to the Internet”. However, you will find that if you go to “Network Setting” and test the network connection it will test OK. What goes on here?

    One solution shown in other postings is an “HDUI Reboot”. (Thumbs down, Thumbs Up, Play, Play). This does work, but the problem returns.

    I found the problem can be permanently fixed by turning off the "Power Saving" feature which is rather well hidden. Find it as follows:

    - Got to; Menu; Settings; Remote CableCARD & Devices (Really! Why here?)
    - Power Saving Settings is at the bottom of this menu. Turn it off.

    That is it. Problem solved!

    This is far better than what Tivo support had me doing for hours! They had me changing network cables, rebooting, restarting my router, my cable modem , un-plug cables and such. Ultimately, they wanted to send a warranty replacement.

    - Note of full disclosure; My Bolt is non-standard in one regard. I installed a larger HD the day it arrived.

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