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    I use an Onkyo receiver to switch between my TivoHD, a DVD player and a Comcast DVR. Lately when I switch back to the Tivo from one of the other devices I get sound but a message saying no sync. Then the TV goes into standbye. The screen will stay blank for 2 to 10 minutes. Then it goes green with vertical lines and at the very top a small amount of the picture. Little by little the green and lines go away and the total picture appears. It appears to be a sync problem. I have unplugged the Tivo when this is happening and plugged back in which starts the reboot setup. The screen that says powering up appears, the second one that says any minute now also appears. When it goes to the screen where the sound starts the picture goes blank. Eventually the picture shows up. It has been taking longer and longer for the picture to appear. The componet output works the entire time so it is just an HDMI problem. Any ideas?

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