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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Dorothy Haring, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Dorothy Haring

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    Jul 19, 2020


    I used to have Tivo a couple of years ago, and I have just recently have gone back to get rid of the extra expenses of monthly cable boxes from WOW.... This time I purchased 3 mini’s with a Bolt Vox DVR.... OMG, we had no idea about needing ethernet connections. So from the Tivo website, we saw you need a Bridge, so we bought one, then after talking to a knowledgeable Tivo Rep. (it took 3 times) to find one that I could understand, we found that we can buy high frequency splitters and an amplifier. Okay we waited a week to get these items in the mail, to find then we didn’t need the bridge so we returned it. It has taken us 3 weeks of reading and talking to Tivo to “finally” get everything set up. NOW I find I don’t have HD channels.... OMG.... really. No where did I see this documented on the Tivo site or talking to reps. There is a notation when searching on my TV that says, we have to contact our cable company to get a Tuning adapter. I called Wow, to find they do not supply them, they said i need 3 of their cable boxes.... you’ve got to be kidding me....
    I read someone else’s post noting the issue about a tuning adapter and he mentioned to file a complaint with FCC, which I did.... now not only do I hate Wow, i hate Tivo.... (sorry, I’m just venting)...

    Well I have to add this, prior to receiving my Tivo boxes, I thought I would give Comcast/Xfinity a try, I signed up with them all the way to a down payment and a equipment delivery date (all done on-line). I figured once my account was created, I would call to have a cable card added to my account.... I could not talk to a human, I tried 3 different numbers, all at got were recordings and some automatic texts that came through with options of no use..... yes, I have added them to my hate list. Thanks for reading!
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    You called 1-800-comcast and couldn't speak to a human?

    I call them regularly and speak to humans all the time. Try a different menu option. I usually go to the Tech Support option and then either press 0 or say "Agent" to speak to a person.

    Also, 1-800-xfinity is a good number, too.

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    It has been challenging at times to speak to someone at Comcast during the COVID-19 pandemic as a lot of employees aren't in the office and are working from home, which reverses some of how they've been working. I know when I recently spoke to someone it was first by calling and asking for a callback. The other method of contact which is pretty easy is via @ComcastCares on twitter; they usually respond online pretty quickly and it can speed things up if you simply Direct Message them with your problem and your account info/name/service address, as that'll get asked for first thing anyway; avoid the round-trip wait.
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    Comcast telephone customer support is more limited on weekends, but there is almost always a way to reach someone. And most of the stores that have not been shut due to the pandemic are still operating on the weekends, albeit with limited hours.

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