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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by JoJo3000, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. JoJo3000

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Just clicked on my favorite channels list, and got a note saying "You have not selected any favorite channels" To set up favorite channels, go to TiVo Central ... Etc. Of course, I have many favorite channels already setup ... Tried a reboot with no luck ... Unit seems to be working fine otherwise (changes channels, records and playback) Any help would be appreciated ... THANKS!
  2. ThAbtO

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    Favorite channels are ones you give a :up: to each channel in the channels list.
  3. JoeKustra

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    Dec 7, 2012
    Ashland, PA...
    Hit guide. Move left until you are on the channel. There will be a thumbs up on favorites. If you hit thumbs up it will then be a Favorite.

    On Live Guide, use method posted above.
  4. JoJo3000

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    Feb 16, 2009
    Thanks! I'm such an idiot!

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