No even transponders on satellite 1

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    I have had DirecTiVos since they first came out and have switched several out & moved them around. Last week we went on vacation in my motorhome where I've been living & couldn't get a signal so I hooked up to the cable connection at the campsite and when I tried to re-install my Hughes SD DVR 40 the screen says satellite one not detected even though the strength readings are 98 on the odd transponders.
    I have switched it with my SAT T60 that has 98 strength on all transponders so I know it's not the connections. I've also hooked it up in my home with the same results.
    Back in the old days, it was reported to be a possible power supply issue so I also switched that out with another one but there was no change.
    Are there any other options to make it work?
    Is DVR Upgrade still in the repair business & if not, where else could I send it?
    I don't want a new generation receiver.
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    If your odd transponders show a signal, but your even transponders do not, it means the LNB on your dish is not being switched between the odd and even transponders.

    A satellite dish receives ALL transponders, but will only allow half the transponders onto the RF cable at any one time. This is because each frequency gets used twice, once with a vertical antenna, and once again with a horizontal antenna. This is called vertical polarity and horizontal polarity.

    The satellite box sends a DC voltage up the cable to the dish LNB (Low Noise Blocker) to switch dish between allowing either vertical polarity frequencies or horizontal polarity frequencies onto the RF cable, but not both at the same time. This voltage is either 13vdc or 18vdc. As you tune your satellite receiver from channel to channel, the receiver switches this voltage back and forth so the RF cable to your satellite box has the right set of frequencies for the channel you want.

    Your symptom of not being able to receive even transponders means the needed voltage is not being seen at the LNB on the dish.

    Since everything works fine with one box, but not the other box, the voltage problem is in the box. It may be the internal power supply isn't putting out a full 13vdc or a full 18vdc any more, or it may be the circuit that changes which voltage is applied to the RF connector is bad.

    This particular problem is relatively straightforward, and it is entirely possible an electronic repair shop can repair the circuit or replace.the power supply. Or even an electronics hobbyist may be able to fix it.

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