NO CSI in the guide this year?

Discussion in 'Season Pass Alerts' started by kk7cu, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Jun 9, 2011


    The guide does not list CSI:Crime Scene Investigation on CBS at all for my CBS Station. On Wednesday nights it shows Criminal Minds twice, once at 8PM and once at 9PM Mountain time. I reported it to Tivo on September 21 when the premiere was supposed to air, and over a week later it still has not been fixed. I managed to manually record the first two shows of the season by selecting the 9PM Criminal Minds. My season pass however was not able to record due to the guide being wrong. I have checked and the incorrect data extends out for the next 14 days in the guide as well.
    My local CBS affiliate is KGWN Cheyenne WY, and appears on my cable provider (Optimum Comminications) as Channel 5 for SD, and Channel 505 for HD. The problem appears on both. It also appears on a friends Dish Network DVR, so it appears to come from Tribune (They provide guide data for both Tivo, and Dish)
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    My FRO season pass for CSI has recorded both of the new episodes this season on my Series 2. The guide data on my TiVo is correct for CSI. I assume you're getting bad guide data for Cheyenne, but I am getting correct data in Boise.
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    Also correct in Houston, both OTA & Comcast. A local issue, hopefully TiVo fixes it quickly for you.

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