Nightly connections failing?

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    I have an S3, a DT and a ST.

    The S3 and the DT are working fine but the ST keeps failing on its nightly call. I try the test connection feature and it works fine. The actual calls prepare, connects, confirms account status and then start their downloads but after a while they get a connection lost (or something similar) N11 error. There is advice to make sure certain ports are not blocked by the firewall which I don't believe should be the problem.

    I tried both a wireless and wired (through a MoCA-NIM and wired-to-usb adapter) connection and both fail similarly.

    This has worked for over year just fine and is only now failing. Pretty consistent for the last seven days without a single success. I'm now out of guide data.

    Moving the unit to another location will be a real PITA but I suppose possible.

    Any thoughts or advice?

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    I'm sure you've probably already tried this, but the first thing to do is pull the plug on the TiVo and allow it to completely reboot.

    If that doesn't work, are the ST & DT units in different rooms? If so is there a difference between how they are connected to the network? (i.e. different hub/switch, different run of cable, etc...) If so then I would try swapping the ST unit into the place of the DT unit just to see if it can complete a call using all the cabling the DT unit is using. If it does then you know there is some sort of network issue in the room where your ST resides.

    If that still fails then the next step is to try repeating Guided Setup. However be aware that once you enter GS you can not get out of it until it completes successfully. So if for some reason the TiVo has the same connection issues while you're in GS it will be stuck there indefinitely. Because of that I recommend that, before you attempt this, you transfer anything important from this TiVo to one of your other TiVos or a PC. (provided those features aren't down as well)


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