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    Jun 12, 2009


    Hi. We have moved from the USA to Managua Nicaragua! Our Cable company does NOT have any of the CAble cards one requires. Is their a place online we can buy a card? Otherwise I guess our Tivo is useless without that card. Or is their another solution so we can record shows? I tried going through the setup, but of course when u have to put in ur cable company, Claro is not their and then asks for ur zip code and that of course wont work either. Thanks
  2. wmcbrine

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    You're mixing up two different things here: a guide data lineup from TiVo, and CableCards. Getting CableCards would NOT get you guide data. They would perform channel mapping and decryption (if applicable -- this would only apply to a digital cable system; you don't need it for analog channels), and could give you channel names. But you still wouldn't get a list of what programs were on when, and couldn't schedule recordings in the normal TiVo way. For that, your cable system needs to be in that provider list you see in Guided Setup.

    TiVo will probably not be interested in providing guide data for Nicaragua, since they don't sell there. But you could ask them, and see what happens. Assuming that fails, there are some third-party guide data solutions, but I think they're not allowed to be discussed here.

    Not having guide data doesn't make the TiVo useless, however. You can still do manual recordings, if you know when and where your programs are on.
  3. flames9

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    Jun 12, 2009
    We would be happy if we could just manual record stuff. Thanks
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    I thought that TiVo only worked in the USA...

    Not sure if there is a method of tricking it into thinking it's in the US. Maybe using a proxy server or something along those lines. If you're dialing up, that would get really interesting having it call up the USA every day. Your phone bill would be huge. :eek:
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    What model TiVo do you have?
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    So many possible show-stoppers for TiVo and CableCARD. Consider something like the Hauppage PVR-1212 that doesn't depend on any of that stuff.
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    If your cable company doesn't offer cable cards, then I'm going to guess they don't have any of the electronics on their end of the cable that could talk to a cable card in the first place, so having a cable card wouldn't do you any good.

    Do they still offer analog channels (NTSC) on the cable?

    What about the broadcast stations down there? NTSC or ATSC?

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