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Discussion in 'Season Pass Alerts' started by clemon79, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Hopefully the four other people in Seattle who follow hockey will get some benefit from this. :)

    Nutshell, Tivo doesn't have the right channel locations listed for NHL Center Ice in "Comcast Seattle - Digital"...they haven't changed them over from the MLB Extra Innings setup yet. (This is because Zap2It hasn't either.)

    Right now, it thinks that GAME1 is 457, GAME2 is 458, and so forth up to GAME14 on 470.

    What it SHOULD be is GAME1 on 461, GAME2 on 462, etc., up to GAME10 on 470.

    As a result, if your game is on, say, GAME7 (as mine is tonight, go Sharks), your Tivo will think it's on 463, when it's actually on 467.

    Two ways to work around this until Zap2It / Tivo irons this out (and I've shot mails to both Tivo and Zap2It about this):

    1) Manually change your game recordings, shifting them 4 channels higher, or

    2) Change your cable listings over to "Comcast - Federal Way 2 - Digital", which near as I can tell is the correct channel lineup save for a couple of really minor discrepancies (I think it lists channel 21 as Seattle Channel instead of GOAC021, and honestly I'm not sure if that isn't what it's supposed to be anyhow, and it lists several 700-level channels that I don't think we get, but those can be turned off in the Channel List.). Be warned that this could cause problems down the road, though, if for some reason we get a new channel that Fed Way doesn't or something.

    Anyhow, if this helps one other person out, it was worth the time to start the thread. If anyone needs clarification, please post and I'll answer what I can based on what I know.
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    It was driving me nuts last night that the channels were off! I'll go home tonight and try this workaround for now. Thanks for posting! :D

    What were the email addresses to TiVo and ZapIt that you sent these to? I'll shoot them an email as well to help emphasize the point.


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