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    Jan 26, 2006


    Just came across this forum tonight , been reading abunch. I have been a long time subscriber to dtv. Just got off the phone with dtv and my r10 that I got new 100 days ago is messing up. They sent me another one but when I got it I noticed it had scratches on it. I felt kinda cheated since I do have a nice entertainment setup, so I called them up and was nice to them just saying that I was disappointed getting a used dvr and mine was probably newer then that one. They said there was nothing they could do except send me another used one that might have less scratches on it. I was disappointed and said I would call them back and decide then. Well after I hung up I was thinking how high my monthly bill is and how I had to sign a contract for a year just to get the new tivo. Decided I was going to file a complaint with Better Business Burea. While I started filling out the form I decided to call them and let them know that. They went through the same spill but said I could talk to the supervisor. By now I am still nice but getting flustered. I was put on hold for the supervisor then after a short period of time the tech support came back on and said they were faising out the R10s and they could send me a new Directv R15 brand new in the box if I would like. :) All I have to do is send the others back. Just thought I would share my experience tonight with yall. Is the R15 a nice system?
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    Oct 14, 2004
    It is not a TiVo. It has problems. I'd prefer an R10 with or without scratches.
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    In a box.
    The R10 has problems too. My DSR7000 has problems. What's the point?
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    See the threads on R10 and R15 comparison. I don't like the R15 because it is not a TiVo. I would prefer the R10 over that one. What is wrong with your R10? If it is the hard drive, why not try to repair that yourself by purchasing a new drive and following the how-to? Anytime you get a replacement, you will always get a refurb and not a brand new unit. If after reading the comparison, you think you like the R15, then go with that. It is really a matter of preference. Good luck.
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    If you are completely new to DVR's you will probably find the R15 just fine and be happy with it (and it is the way DTV is going). But if you are familiar with TiVo, you will be disappointed with features (or lack of) in the R15. There is a reverse review over on DBSTalk of an R15 user that got an R10 and how the R10 is disappointing to him because of the lack of features it has from the R15.

    Overall the R15 is not a bad unit, its just different from the TiVo based units and it has a few bugs that DTV says they will fix. The R15 is the future of DirecTV DVR's (sadly to us TiVo fans). Just like the original DirecTiVos, over time the R15 should get better with software updates.

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