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    Jul 11, 2007


    Hi there -

    Just looking for a couple quick answers (i'll read the general FAQs later, I swear!)

    I've got A DirecTV TiVo, but want to upgrade to HD. I've heard very bad things about the usability of the newer DirecTV DVRs, so I'm wondering if it's still possible to buy a DirecTV HD TiVo (via eBay or wherever) and will it work? I have a 3 LNB dish currently... would I need to get a new dish & would that work with a DirecTV HD TiVo?

    If it's possible, is there anything else I need to know?

    If there are any good posts out there that answer these questions, please point me in the right direction...

    Thanks much in advance!

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    Right now it will work and you will get the existing HD pack channels if you sign up for the HD package. You will not be able to get the HD local channels that DirecTV transmits via MPEG4 or any of the new HD channels that DirecTV is planning to add.

    At some point, probably in one to two years, DirecTV will discontinue MPEG2 HD channels and at that point you'll only be able to get local HD broadcasts and SD content.

    Honestly, if you want to keep TiVo you should consider the Series 3 and cable. If you want to keep DirecTV you will find it cheaper in the long run to bite the bullet and convert to DirecTV's in-house DVR.

    Also, if you purchase an HR10 make sure they activate it as owned and not leased.
  3. drew2k

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    For more information about the HR20, the latest HD DVR from DireccTV, refer to the HR20 forum at, a sister site to TiVo Community Forums. You'll find in-depth reviews of the HR20, including pros and cons regarding its usability.
  4. luskislov

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    Jul 11, 2007
    thanks for the info. my challenge with moving to cable is that I have the NFL Sunday Ticket...
  5. TyroneShoes

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    Sep 6, 2004


    I think you have to weigh the anecdotal evidence pro and con with a grain of salt. Sample a lot of that before coming to conclusions, plus do your own investigation. There are those who were absolutely horrified by how badly the HR20 imitates a stable easy-to-use PVR, but that is our perception, and might not be everyone's.

    In fact, you can find many posters who are very happy with the HR20 right here on this forum. I've said this before, but I think you might be able to predict your own reaction by how much you identify with the Tivo interface. If you are blown away and by it and think everything else you've been exposed to so far is significantly inferior (and there are a lot of folks who think this way) you will probably not be happy with the HR20, but if you never really saw what the big fuss was about Tivo (and there are plenty of folks of that mind as well), you might like the HR20 just fine.

    If you've never used a PVR before, you do owe it to yourself to investigate Tivo before you make a decision, IMHO. :)

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