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    I have tivo, but have thought about getting it for my brother. Somebody locally is selling a Philips model# DSR708. My brother has an HDTV. I know this box will not record in HD. Is there an HDtivo specifically for DirectTV?

    Can he use the tivo box with the current box? Also, I read he needs a multi-switch, where can I find one and how do I know which one we will need.?

    Thank you all for your help.
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    There is a HD TiVo for DirecTV - the HR10-250. It is no longer manufactured and will not receive new HD channels DirecTV offers in the future, so I can't really recommend it for someone not already heavily into TiVo. DirecTV has its own, non-TiVo HD DVR called the HR20, that can receive the new HD channels.

    The DSR708 is fine, but is standard-def, as you know.

    I assume your brother has a H20 HD receiver. A standard TiVo will work with this, but will record standard-def only and is much more expensive on a monthly basis. This combination cannot record two shows at once.

    DirecTV may offer your brother a multiswitch for free. A lot depends on what kind of dish he has and how many cables are run from the dish. Since he has HD, that means he has at least a three-satellite dish, or he may have the newer five-satellite dish. The latter requires a special "wideband" multiswitch which DirecTV will provide with new installs. The Zinwell WB68 is the usual choice.

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