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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by 2012Bearcat, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. 2012Bearcat

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    Oct 23, 2019
    Cincinnati OH


    New to TiVo and I have had my CC Edge installed for exactly one week today. When I turned it on today, watching Live TV, there were random static lines popping on the screen. Every couple of seconds, there'd be a horizontal line pop on the screen accompanied by an audible static noise.

    It seemed like a bad signal, so I tuned a few other channels. Same result. I wasn't smart enough to watch a known-good recording to see if it was the cable signal, or potentially an issue with my TV or HDMI connections.

    Anyway - I soft-rebooted the Edge from the TiVo menus. After the reboot, I attempted to tune several ESPN channels - Error V58. I then tried to tune a couple locals - Error V53.
    I checked the Tuning Adapter status - Authenticated, Ready, Signal strength -2dB (which I understand is great). The TiVo diagnostics showed the channels I had tried to tune as "Still tuning." Signal strength reported 100%, and SNR is 40.

    After a search online - I found a reboot was recommended for these errors. So, one more reboot...
    After the reboot, the last tuned Live TV channel started playing properly. I've been able to tune other channels without issue. The static lines are gone, and the picture is perfect. TiVo still reports signal quality 100%. So, all issues appear to be fixed by reboot #2

    So what I'm really interested to know is if these are "common" occurrences with a TiVo CableCard box? Is this something others have seen with previous TiVo models, etc.? As someone who is new to TiVo, I just want to understand what is "normal." My suspicion is that the 2 issues I encountered were unrelated.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. 2012Bearcat

    2012Bearcat New Member

    Oct 23, 2019
    Cincinnati OH
    No response to this, so I must assume it's not anything common. Updating here in case anyone else runs into similar, and this might help them.

    I will report that the random static lines has only happened 3 or 4 times in the last 2 weeks since installing the Edge. The plan is to attempt different things to work around the issue.
    Since it has only occurred immediately after powering up the TV and bringing the TiVo out of standby, I'm working on the assumption that there is some type of HDMI/HDCP handshake issue at work here. I don't believe this to be a cable signal issue whatsoever.

    From my first post, I can say that a Reboot of the TiVo "fixed" the issue. This would have reset the HDMI connection.
    The last 2 times it happened, I powered the TV off and then back on - the issue disappeared. Again, this would reset the HDMI connection.
    Next things to try:
    Switch to a different HDMI input via remote - then back again. This might simulate a "reset" of HDCP. I'll need to wait for it to happen again.
    Or - unplug and plug back in HDMI cable while TV and TiVo are still on to see if reconnection resets the connection.
    I also haven't ruled out possible hardware issue - TV HDMI port, HDMI cable, or even HDMI port on the Edge.
  3. Fugacity

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    Oct 1, 2004
    I have not had this issue in my Edge. But one issue could be the signal is too strong and causing protection circuits to engage.

    The first troubleshooting step I believe is getting the signal below 100 percent. Mine is also at 100, it seems Spectrum really likes setting the signal high.

    The below indicates the SNR is too high too but that doesn't make any sense.
  4. NorthAlabama

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    Apr 19, 2012
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    looks as if the signal to the box may be a little hot, i would recommend trying an attenuator to reduce the signal strength % & snr down a few notches, to a signal strength about 95% and an snr around 34.

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