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    Hi all, New to the Tivo forum. When I first came across Tivo, it was with Directv back in 2004. Since then, I purchased two Tivo premiere's. One has a lifetime subscription. Last week, I purchased a Tivo Bolt. Unbeknownst to me, I was in for a surprise. I have a cable card in it from Comcast. Maybe it's me but I thought it was a little more difficult to set up then my tivo Premiere's. One major issue was that when I went to program my Remote, I got to the remote page alright but there was nothing there. A Tivo phone rep gave me some codes and one did work. The last remaining issue I have is that the Xfinity On demand is Not showing up in my menu. I have been reassured by Tivo support this is a known issue. Then I had a voice syn issue. Then I had what I thought was a loose connection issue and I do indeed believe I did. I then also used a powered Splitter and I am getting a much better picture now. My Internet speed has also increased dramatically. I have come close a couple of times to returning the Bolt as I am leary of anything else popping up, but so far, so good now. It was just a little more time consuming that I guess I wasn't expecting. I tried to connect the Tivo media bridge once but could not get it to work. I do have a Poe filter on the OUTSIDE of my house installed by Comcast. I do have a question, Will the Media bridge work with a Tivo Premiere? Is there anyone who could tell me the best way to connect the bridge? Would a line coming off the powered splitter into the bridge work? Thanks for any advice anyone can render. Pat:up:
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    Which media bridge? A TiVo wireless N adapter?
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    What is the make and model number of that "powered splitter"/ amplifier? Some of these will work with MoCA but older units often will not.
    Tivo's media bridge a.k.a an Actiontec ECB6000 MoCA adapter can pretty much work with anything that has a near by coax and an Ethernet port.
    You don't mention if you have the 2 or 4 tuner Premiere versions. The 4 tuner versions have MoCA builtin, the 2 tuner versions don't, so those will likely need a separate MoCA adapter.
    How did you network your Bolt, wireless, Ethernet, or via MoCA? How were your Premieres getting to the internet?
    The more details you provide the easier it is to find solutions.
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    Welcome to the Tivolution. :)
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    FYI... New thread started by the OP this morning...
  6. krkaufman

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    Yes, the BOLT (along with 4-tuner Premieres and 6-tuner Roamios) have built-in MoCA bridging technology -- but that isn't necessarily why the BOLT *sees* your other device. It just takes a network connection, even wireless, to see other TiVo DVRs on the network. It takes a quicker network connection to allow streaming between TiVo devices (as opposed to transferring content).

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