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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by P2Perseus, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Sep 12, 2011


    I'm a frustrated long time Tivo lover, who's lost their programming one to many times. My HD 3 freezes on the Powering Up Screen. I can hard reboot and get going, but within an hour or so it does it again. I ran the SMART test and the primary drive failed all 4, but the Western Digital additional drive was fine.

    Sounds like I'm going to need a new Tivo, but my problem is the lost content. Is there any way to have an auto backup without removing the drives? Anyway to recover the content?

    My computers are all Macs.

    I know this must have been covered countless times, maybe someone could direct me to the right thread.
  2. steve614

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    Sorry to hear you're having troubles.

    Sadly, it seems that your primary drive is failing. Consider your recordings lost, unless you can keep the Tivo alive long enough to transfer programs (that are not copy protected) to your computer through TiVo Desktop.

    On a positive note, you may not have to get a new Tivo. You can replace the internal hard drive.
    If you have an original Series 3 OLED Tivo, I recommend buying a pre-configured drive from DVR Dude on e-bay. He's the only one who sells 2 TB hard drive upgrades for the S3 OLED. That's 318 hours of HD recording. That may eliminate you needing an external drive (which could also fail causing you to lose all your recordings, again).
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    There's no way out of taking the cover off the TiVo, but you might be able to take the internal drive, hook it up to a computer, and use dd_rescue to copy the entire drive to another drive and place that one in the TiVo and have the external drive think it's still talking to the original drive.

    At which point you need to use TiVo Desktop to copy off as many shows as possible to an NTFS or ext2 or ext3 partition.

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