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    I have recently changed to DirecTV from Comcast cable.

    I have two Series 2 80-hour TiVos and a Panasonic DVD recorder attached to a Sony HDTV.

    With Comcast, I had HD reception and it was set up this way:

    Cable coming out of wall into 4-way splitter w/signal booster.

    Splitter split signal to go to:

    1 HD cable box (no DVR function)

    1 Panasonic DVD recorder w/200 GB Hard Drive.

    2 Series 2 80-hour TiVos (both lifetime and working swell)

    With this set up, I basically was able to use each of the TiVos and the DVD recorder (which goes out to get the TV Guide programming info) as it's own tuner...and I could thus record one thing on the TiVo while recording something else on the DVD recorder.

    I had two other TVs connected to cable, but no other cable boxes on those.

    I was not able to get HD reception from DirecTV (too many trees in my neighbor's yard), so I went with the standard satty system. I got 4 receivers and 1 dish with a dual LNB. I only have 3 TVs at the moment and 2 of those are crappy, but I really wanted reception in the master bedroom, guest bedroom and basement rec room in addition to the main living room (where the above-described set-up is located) and will be replacing the 2 crappy secondary TVs this week.

    The DirecTV guy came and installed the satellite, but he doesn't care anything about my components - 'not my job'. :rolleyes: So it is up to me to connect them.

    He DID tell me that I could no longer use the same set-up as before, because the cable out of the wall MUST go into the satty receiver as opposed to the splitter as before.

    But now I don't know how to connect anything...or even if I can USE the TiVos with DirecTV. My questions:

    1. Can I use these 'regular' series 2 TiVos with DirecTV?

    2. If so, is it still possible to have a TiVo and a DVD recorder attached to my main TV and watch one thing while recording another? Or record two different things at the same time?

    3. If so, do I need any special splitters or anything? I already have a 4-way splitter with a signal booster...but it's not made for satty - it's one I've been using for a year with Comcast. Do I need a different splitter for satty?

    4. If I can't watch one thing while recording another, does anyone else out there have this desire? And if so, what do they suggest as an alternative to my old set-up?

    Thanks for any assistance!
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    1. Yes.
    2. Record 2 things from DirecTV or record DirecTV and watch DirecTV live? No.
    3. see #2
    4. A DirecTivo.

  3. John T Smith

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    >1. Can I use these 'regular' series 2 TiVos with DirecTV?

    Not directly, since the DirecTv signal is digital MPEG2 and not analog... but you may use a DirecTv receiver and feed the output of that into your regular Tivo

    Do a forum search for

    IR Blaster

    To find out more about how to configure

    Also, reading the FAQ will help
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    Yes you can use Regular Series 2 Tivos with Directv. You must hook up each Tivo to a Standard Directv unit. At present this will be either the D11 or D12 Unit. You will have to use the IR Blaster to control the Tivo Units. John T Smith above has given some advice on this.

    No. Not with the Standard Directv Receiver. They are a Single Tuner only. To do this you would need a Dual Tuner Unit. The only units with Dual Tuner are Directv DVR and Directv/Tivo units. And then, you would not need the Tivo's at all, as they are integrated Receivers and DVR's in one.

    You CANNOT use any type of Splitter with Sat. With your Setup, you need the Dish with Dual LNB and run the wires into a Multiswitch (Probally a 2 x 4) You should of had this all set up. From there, all the feeds run from the multiswitch to the receivers. As you have 4 Regular Receivers, each Receiver would get one Feed. For Dual Tuners etc you will need Two Feeds to each unit.

    To watch One Program while recording another, you need a Dual Tuner unit. As you do not have HD, you would need a Standard unit. The Directv DVR is the R15 (Non Tivo). Or, if you want Dual Tuners with the Tivo interface, a Directv/Tivo unit.

    These units allow you to record One Show while watching another, or Record Two Shows while watching a Third Pre recorded show.

    I would suggest the following:

    1. A New Dish, atleast 3LNB getting Sats 101, 110 and 119.
    2. A New Multiswitch. A WB68 which is a 4 x 8 unit. 4 Feeds in, 8 Feeds out.
    3. Either a R15 DVR unit, or a Directv/Tivo unit in the Main Room. Run Two Feeds to that for the ability to watch and record programs at the same time.
    4. For the other 3 Rooms, use either the Regular Receivers with Tivo units, or look at adding other Directv Dual Tuners or Directv/Tivo units. As you already have the Tivo units, using the regular Receivers with them would be the best. Just remember you would not be able to watch one show while recording another with this set up.

    Welcome to the Forum :D And hope this helps.

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