New to Direct TV/Using my TIVO...not interfacing?

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    Sep 24, 2007


    I just got Direct Tv...quit Comcast. But now my TIVO (Series2 Single Tuner DVR-no cable box) will not interface.

    The Dtv guy said everything should work fine but when I go through the Tivo set up, it knows I'm using a Direct tv receiver and it asks me to choose the channel changing tools I will use: serial hook up or IR cable. :confused:

    I see these port options on the Tivo box however neither option is available on the Direct TV receiver. Is it necessary? I do see a USB port on both but it isn't indicated in any way in the directions :eek:

    How do I connect a standard Direct tv receiver to my standard TIVO? Please don't tell me I'm going to loose my ability to use TIVO (I LOVE my TIVO)...I'm in a two year contract with Direct. HELP PLEASE. :p
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    Sep 19, 2001
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    The IR option is always available. Just connect the IR emitter cable to the TiVo and then place the other end in front of the DirecTV receiver.

    If you aren't sure what an IR emitter cable looks like, here's a link to a site that sells them. emitter

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