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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by zzmnlq01, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. zzmnlq01

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    Sep 21, 2011
    Dallas TX


    I just had FIOS everything installed last week. It all went perfectly. I have a Verizon DVR and I have 1 TV with no connection at all that I would like to use a Tivio Premier Xl with my FIOS. I have read enough in the forum to know that it can work and what needs to happen to physically connect it. I also know that I need internet connectivity to the Tivo for certain features like Netflix and You tube.

    What I don't understand or know is if I by 2 new Tivo Premeir XL boxes from say amazon or B$H photo which seem that they come without any tivo service I guess, what if anything exactly will work after I connect the FIOS coax and Internet to the box and have Verizon register the digital card.

    Will this work, what (features) will or will not work? My goal is simply to not pay $10, $17, or $25's monthly for their (Verizons) boxes but instead just $3.99 for the digital card. It just seems to me I might need to pay Tivo for service.

    I just don't what verizon service provides beyond the channels that the Tivo box understands or needs. That part is what i would like to know about. The forum threads keep talking about replacing current boxes or buying used boxes with life long service or something. Will I need this for my setup and if so what does it provide or accomplish to complete the package.

    I look forward to any help or a comprehensive explanation of the services piece if any of Tivo and is it required in my situation.

    Thank you in advance
    Desperately seeking tivo.
  2. aaronwt

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    Jan 31, 2002
    TiVo has a deal that ends today for a Premiere(non XL) with Lifetime service for $450.
  3. zzmnlq01

    zzmnlq01 zzmnlq

    Sep 21, 2011
    Dallas TX
    Thnak you for your reply about a life time service deal that ends today. Could someone try to answer my question and explain the service end of what will and will not work for me if a put a new Tivo box online with my FIOS service that does not have a service plan from Tivo. Then also how can I get a service plan seperately, if it is needed for such a new box.

    Thank you
  4. L David Matheny

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    Jan 29, 2011
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    With no service plan, the TiVo will be able to tune and buffer live TV, but it won't receive guide data, it won't record (for later viewing), and it won't transfer anything over a network. You can subscribe to a service plan by calling TiVo, but the best deal is the one that ends today.
  5. DonaldBurns65144

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    Jan 10, 2011


    Tivo will give you all FIOS channels, but doesn't have 2 way communication with FIOS servers and so can't do FIOS video on demand. You will need to pay for a M card or just remove the M card from one of your FIOS boxes and use it. You will also need to pay Tivo service to have their guide service. This not an option unless you like turning your Tivo into a manual recorder.

    There is no need to contact FIOS/Version if you just pull the M card from one of existing FIOS boxes at your house. Otherwise you'll need to get an M-card from them and install it yourself.

    Required Tivo guide service is pay monthly or pay once lifetime. If you plan on having the Tivo for more than a couple of years then go lifetime.

    You also will see improved video quality over the FIOS POS DVR if you have the same one that FIOS provided to me. Plus will be able to store more than about 10 hours of HD like the limit with POS DVD from FIOS.

    Take the time to use the THX setup that comes with the XL and your 1080 screen will look much better than factory screen settings in most cases. Do not erase this THX setup file from the Tivo - you will not be able to get a new copy later.

    also search is good way to learn what has been posted many times in the past.

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