New TiVo Interface?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by hoyty, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. hoyty

    hoyty Member

    Jan 22, 2003
    Sammamish, WA


    I fixed it to be PiG instead of PiP, honestly I had never heard the term PiG before. However I was curious why you thought the TiVo can't scale video? It takes 480i broadcast to 1080i or 1080i to 720p or even web video to 1080i for normally watching. How much harder could it be to scale to a lower resolution?
  2. Bierboy

    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    Fishers, IN
    I, for one, do not like the "new" look. WAY too cluttered at the top of the menu. Any designer can tell you about the advantage of white space. There is none at the top of that screen, and it looks awful.
  3. classicsat

    classicsat Astute User

    Feb 18, 2004
    Ontario Canada.
    Scaling from fullscreen video to part screen video is a different beast. than SD to HD or viceversa.

    Looking ad the Product Briefs for the respective process ors ionthe Series 3 and TiVo HD, it seems they may be able to support PIG, and otherwise probably that sort of interface.

    I doubt the Series 2s can though, or they'll bother trying, therefore banging in the wedge of obsolescence even wider for those.

    ETA, a quick brief of the product brief on the 5xx and DT chips, seems to indicate scaling capability.
  4. MickeS

    MickeS Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    There's no Yellow Star. Instant :thumbsdown:. :D
  5. Hokie Soup

    Hokie Soup New Member

    Sep 13, 2005
    Washington DC


    I love the idea of Tivo updating thier GUI. IMO, it's starting to get long in the tooth from an aesthetics standpoint. How about something slick like the Apple OS, and that utilizes high def graphics? Of course, it would need to be an option to upgrade, and not mandatory. Many on this board are happy with their current UI and they should be able to keep that.

    Tivo rocks
    Go Hokies!
  6. angel35

    angel35 New Member

    Nov 5, 2004
    Its a little to much work
  7. wmcbrine

    wmcbrine Well-Known Mumbler

    Aug 2, 2003
    It does do a kind of scaling now -- the panel and zoom modes. So maybe PiG is possible.

    The other things in the interface are all standard HME-style effects. Just looking at it, I can break it down into the needed steps.
  8. sk33t3r

    sk33t3r New Member

    Jul 9, 2003
    Houston, TEXAS
    Look like the UTV interface.
  9. Test

    Test Well-Known Member

    Dec 8, 2004
    I like the "FREE on Netflix" and blockbuster part of video 2
  10. davezatz

    davezatz Funkadelic

    Apr 18, 2002
    Fairfax, VA
    I am under the impression the S3/HD platform is capable of this.

    Just an FYI, I'm hopping on a flight in about 5 mins and can't cover the UI mockups in a timely fashion. BUT this is big news and I've notified a few of my blogging buddies. I've also put a request into TiVo confirm they produced them, we'll see if they respond...
  11. TiVoPony

    TiVoPony New Member

    May 11, 2002

    We do a tremendous amount of primary research here at TiVo on various possible future directions for our products. Some of you will remember all of those marketing promotion trials...the ones with different sales offers for different areas? You should see how detailed we get when it comes to product design...we test lots of stuff. It just typically doesn't get posted in a blog (and isn't intended to be, we're pretty up front about that).

    Appreciate your comments, but it doesn't substitute for the actual feedback given during the surveys (on these mockups or others). We're a bit more scientific than what you'll find in this thread when it comes to our user research. :)

  12. LoREvanescence

    LoREvanescence Always Autocorrected

    Jun 19, 2007
    Salem, MA
    hmm, so with that being said TiVoPony, are you saying TiVo is infact looking at options for a updated GUI?

    I like what I see so far if that is indeed one of the mockups for a new gui. Is there any way to participate in the serveys?
  13. mtchamp

    mtchamp New Member

    May 15, 2001
    I like it very much because I did try the Comcast TiVo service here in MA until I had too much trouble with their Moto box and thought the UI was more modern, slick, cool and still felt like TiVo. I don't remember exactly how it was done except that the experience was refreshing.

    This new experimental UI that leaked out, looks like something many more people would like who never had a TiVo. I think it's a big improvement for the masses. I've been using the same familar TiVo UI for 7 years, and I wecome a change that brings it up to date and keeps it simple, same as the old UI. TiVo has so many more features and more coming. This definitely needed to be done to see more and do more from every screen. At least I don't think it can be called cartoonish anymore.
  14. ZeoTiVo

    ZeoTiVo I can't explain

    Jan 2, 2004
    Very likely these screens were not even on a TiVo yet but mocked up. I saw FEATURES I liked around the tagging for a family member so you can find your shows or come up with clever ways to show one person has already watched it.

    Also the Netflix and HD made me have a very strong UMF.

    The pictures along the top for the shows were not that big a deal to me especially since it would probably not work for all the content I push onto the TiVo in the form of movies that have no TiVo metadata. That looked like a way to get better pictures for the ads more than anything else.

    so nice rework of the menus and update of the fonts and so forth but the pictures not so much, but then I am an old fart command line kind of guy so most likely I would be on the edge of the curve denoting their target audience for this ;)
    As Pony said - this is just some screens to get an idea of forward directions for TiVo - most likely in relation to what the tru2way TiVo DVR interface will be.
  15. Adam1115

    Adam1115 Well-Known Member TCF Club

    Dec 15, 2003
    Denver ish
    Uhm, no.

  16. rv65

    rv65 Member

    Aug 30, 2008
    I'm sure the Series 4 will have it.
  17. Playloud

    Playloud Member

    Jan 6, 2008
    Wow. I like what I see so far.

    However, since so many people have a Tivo because they like the current UI, I wonder if Tivo would offer a choice for which interface your box displays. I would very much like to try the new UI, as (coming from other DVR boxes), I felt the Tivo UI was lacking in certain areas (which these demos seem to fix).
  18. Dan203

    Dan203 Super Moderator Staff Member TCF Club

    Apr 17, 2000
    I seriously doubt this is a new TiVo UI. It's to much of a radical departure from their current UI. The Comcast TiVo uses a newer UI which has some aspects similar to this, such as PIG and split screen menus, but it still looks like a TiVo. It still has the "blue wiener", familiar menu names and the same basic options/functionality. This looks nothing like a TiVo.

    If I had to guess I'd say this is probably the UI for some PC based DVR software. The people icon used on that "Connect with family & friends" menu item looks a lot like the people icons used in Windows Vista for things like "User accounts". I guess it could be the product of the TiVo/Nero deal, but it remains to be seen what exactly we're going to get out of that deal.

    Edit: I spoke a little too soon on the whole TiVo/Nero thing. Just a few minutes before I posted this the news hit the wire that this product is available...

    and it looks nothing like the above. In fact it looks almost identical to a regular TiVo.

  19. davezatz

    davezatz Funkadelic

    Apr 18, 2002
    Fairfax, VA
    Yah, it looks to be quite a departure from the TiVo UI we know. Though I assume there are a variety of different approaches and looks TiVo is evaluating. Even with just this one, you can see some A/B testing going on. Regardless, I am VERY pleased to see them exploring a their next gen interface and experience.
  20. jlb

    jlb Go Pats!

    Dec 13, 2001
    Burlington, VT
    If I had to vote, I would not want a new interface. But if I had no choice in the matter, I would have to accept it, but my hopes would be that menus would basically stay the same and the TiVo Central shortcuts would remain.

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