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    May 22, 2004


    It appears that KNBC and KTLA have added some new sub channels. KNBC has added 4.4. It appears to be an SD version of 4.1, but letterboxed. There is no 4.3. KTLA has changed 5.2 in to some sort of music video channel. Only watched it for a second, but doesn't seem interesting. They moved the spanish simulcast HD channel that was at 5.2 to 5.3.

    All this would seem to mean that we are going to get an inferior HD signal with all of the multicasting. Why can't they shut off these channels, at least during primetime and sports? Don't they realize what they are doing to the quality of their signal? Anyone in SoCal have any thoughts on this?
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    Nov 28, 2003
    If you have watched KNBC-DT over the last few months, you have probably noticed that the audio has been out of synch quite often, they "forget" to switch back to HD after commercial breaks, and several other problems keep happening. Sunday's "Meet the Press" had continuous loud audio clicks for the first 15 minutes, then it lost audio completely for about 30 minutes in the middle of the program. Their quality control has been abysmal. The fact that they now have a fourth sub-channel doesn't surprise me.

    NBC O&O's seem to be primarily focused on advertising revenue rather than quality delivery. Contrast KNBC-DT with KCBS-DT; the picture quality that I've seen on CBS is superb. I've don't remember the last time that I've seen a technical glitch on CBS, though I'm sure there have been some. I can say that CBS has far less issues than NBC does here in SoCal.

    The peacock network needs to see a vet...
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    Feb 19, 2002
    Chino Hills, CA
    I rescanned and found these new stations.

    4.4 - Station ID: "Coming" seems to show a black screen. No schedule in guide.

    5.2 - "The Tube" Music Video Channel. Station ID:""TUBE"" No schedule in guide. I enjoyed the mix of music. KTLA shows their large bug at all times at bottom center. Advertising (very littled for now) is limited to public service and station promotion. I found this website about this this new channel,

    KTLA moved their spanish simalcast to 5.3.

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