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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by michael1248, Apr 27, 2011.

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    I've been using the Netflix app that came with my Premiere and also following all the frustration here on the boards. Here is my question. Apologies in advance if this turns out to be a basic beginner's question:

    When I stream movies and shows which are wide-screen, color and over an hour long there's a good chance that I will get the frozen screen for a few seconds with the "retrieving" message. Not always, but most times. One time, I ended up watching the final 30 minutes of a movie in SD when the retrieved signal somehow got downgraded to SD from HD. I also have been steaming the original "Twilight Zone" series. Full screen, B & W, and only about 25 minutes each. Never a problem. I am using one of the new Cisco Valet routers for my Wi-Fi network. Nothing else is utilizing or accessing the secured network.

    Is the Twilight Zone streaming better due to less data? Is there a tweak I could give to my router? Or just coincidental?
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    The bottleneck is most likely upstream between the Netflix content servers and your home. The quality drops from HD to SD may be a result of increased traffic on the ISP's cables -- perhaps from your neighbors also streaming Netflix content. You could try checking your download speeds on On the off-chance that it is your LAN that is the issue, going wired may be your best bet.

    And yes, "Twilight Zone" episodes would require less band-width.
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    Alternatively I would also do the I tend to trust those results a little more.

    You need a constant 6Mbps connection for HD streaming. SD shows like Twilight Zone max out at around 2.4Mbps from what I have read. Anything higher won't improve the picture quality. If you aren't having any issues with your other wireless adapters I would hook up the adapter you are using on your Tivo to your computer and run a speed test using the link above. I don't know if this is possible with the TiVo adapters since I use a 3rd party Ethernet to wireless adapter.

    Provided those all check out, it was probably a case of increased traffic to you ISP on your particular node. Time Warner used to be particularly bad about overloading nodes in my area until competition such as Surewest and Uverse showed up. My connection is typically slower from 6pm to 10pm than it is say 8am to 6pm, but not consistently slow enough that I can't stream HD.
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    I don't trust the results to mean anything more or less than any other site that offers speed tests from the same providers that the fcc chose. The M-Lab test consistently shows a 400 -600 kbps slower download speed than the Ookla test. It also shows twice as much latency (105ms vs 55ms) and about 100 X as much jitter (99ms vs 1ms), but the upload speed is consistent between the two tests.
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    I have netflix and use a Roku to stream. On the Roku HD is 3.8 mbps. Other good quality streams will be either 2.4 mbps or 1.5 mpbs.

    I don't use the Tivo to stream netflix. I would recommend you spend $80 for a Roku XD. The Roku was originally designed solely to stream netflix. As it exists now, it will stream many, many other sources. It's made just to stream. The Netflix interface on the Roku is far superior to the one on the Tivo. If you want more details of the Roku interface, let me know and I'll post them.

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