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  1. babrams

    babrams New Member

    Mar 11, 2002


    Hello everyone,

    Just got a new HD HR10-250 to go with my new Toshiba 50HP95 50 inch Plasma. I had a DirecTV Tivo Phillips DSR708 connected to the Plasma before the HR10-250 arrived. To my suprise, the SD picture looked really good. I mean really good. I have a Theatre Wide mode on the TV that stretched to picture only on the left and right sides. The middle was not streatched and the picture for he most part looked normal. You didn't get that wide body effect on people on the screen.

    My question is I am not sure how to set my HR10-250. With the HR10-250, the HiDef channels look great. SD channels have that wide stretched body effect. I see I have more Video settings in the setup for the HR10-250. It is currently set to 1080i and 16:9. I tried setting it to 4:3 and using the stretch (Theatre Wide) mode on the TV, but the results are not like the results with the Philips DSR708. Still get the wide body look with the HR10-250

    Also with the DSR708 (DirecTV Tivo) the guide information is more proportinal. With the HR10-250, the guide information seems a little stretched from left to right. Is this the way it should be with the HR10-250 or do I have some settings incorrect.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate. I appreciate you guys.

    Also, is there a recommandation for an Over the air antenna? The installer was suppose to bring one but didn't. I called DirecTV and they said it was their fault and gave me another $100 credit. I am in the Lafayette, LA area.
  2. vonzoog

    vonzoog New Member

    Jan 26, 2004
    I have a Samsung that is 720P and I set the H10-250 to 720P. I think it looks great. However, i must admit that if I set it to 480P or 1080I is stills looks great.

    Different brands of TVs are going to look different because of the different settings of the units. You will have to keep "playing" with your settings until you hit on the one you like best. That is what really matters anyway.
  3. stevel

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    Aug 23, 2000
    Nashua, NH
    With the HR10 set to 16:9 mode, yes, the guide is a bit stretched. That's the way it works. You should tell the HR10 you have 16:9 - your TV should not stretch a 16:9 input signal.
  4. babrams

    babrams New Member

    Mar 11, 2002
    Thanks Steve,

    I appreciate your help. I just seem to have a better picture with the non HD DirecTV DVR (Philips DSR708) when watching SD channels. The picture is better proportioned. The HD DVR stretches the SD channel giving me that wide body look. Anyway, I appreciate it just the same.
  5. rjfrandle

    rjfrandle New Member

    Oct 22, 2003


    Check your Aspect Correction in the settings. If it is on full, then the HDtivo is stretching the picture. Better to let your TV Theater Wide function do it. I keep mine on the panel setting, and stretch it with my TV.
  6. johnchart

    johnchart New Member

    Oct 23, 2001

    How do you like your new 50HP95? I have the HR10-250 and have been looking for the Toshiba 50HP95 plasma. Where did you purchase it?

    Help appreciated.

    John H
  7. ArcticGabe

    ArcticGabe TiVo is my friend

    Dec 27, 2001
    What he said.

    I do the same thing. Looks pretty good. Stretching artifacts are very minimal.

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