New FiOs lineup this month for me

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by segadc, Sep 5, 2008.

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    The Baltimore channels have been removed from the lineup, at least that's what the message on my tiVos showed. I would never know about the music channels since I've never listend to them.
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    BTW, Weather Channel's HD picture is just plain unbelievable. Their maps, their set and their graphics have more punch than any other HD newscast I've seen. It's my new HD demo's that good.

    But, the gain in PQ comes with a loss in content...the 'Locals on the 8's' is in HD, but it's no longer local. Rather, it shows the rotating national outlook, with selected cities thrown in. Just like it was when I had DirecTV.

    I understand completely...there are approximately 215 local markets in the US, and there's probably no way they can do HD graphics for every one.

    CNN, on the other hand, now has an HD channel with zero, absolutely zero HD content. All it has is the side its 4X3 ratio will now fit a 16X9 screen. So lame. I mean, I understand CNN gets tons of news footage from around the world...most of it from phones and old camcorders. So I don't expect the field tapes to be in HD. But come on, guys, invest in a HD studio camera or two, and the related gear.
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    All of the studio stuff in in HD and is impressive to say the least.
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    You're right.... many of CNN's studio newscasts are now in HD. And yes, it looks excellent.

    However, lots of their other shows, those little half-hour or hour programs on a variety of topics, from politics to money to the media, are not in HD.

    That tells me they've invested in the HD studio cameras and related live HD transmitting gear, but not in any HD digital storage gear. In other words, CNN can broadcast HD live from their studios, but they can't record an HD broadcast to be played back later.

    Not a complaint, just an observation. As I mentioned before, CNN has so much content, from so many sources, getting it all in HD is impossible.

    One more word for FIOS: Thanks! This new lineup is wonderful.
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    More changes afoot:

    They're going to drop the Premier for ExtremeHD !
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    I called Verizon yesterday and ordered the ExtremeHD package. First time I placed the order they said the channels would show up later that day. Called Verizon tech support back 7 hours later to inquire about my order. (I was not getting the channels) They did not see the order and asked me for my order #. I didn't have one.

    So if you order the new ExtremeHD or any other Verizon package be sure to get an order #.

    Placed the order again and had the channels within a minute. Was actually still on the phone with them.

    My TiVo a couple of days ago showed the new channel lineup.

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