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Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by hunts, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. vittoria

    vittoria Member

    Apr 15, 2008


    So far my S3 still has 9.4, but it did get the Feature Update on the 20th. For what it's worth I only saw the message once, went to messages and marked it as Read and haven't seen it since. No repeated notice every day, as others have seen.

    Can cable system have anything to do with it? I have Cablevision.

  2. Enrique

    Enrique Well-Known Member

    May 15, 2006
    No, it was Tivo, And they fixed it with 11.0.P6*.

    *I'm not sure how there updating those with 11.0.P3 but I do have 11.0.P6 and it's fixed.
  3. lrhorer

    lrhorer Active Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    Your statement in no way contradicts his. Even if only a small percentage of CSRs were clueless, his advice is well founded - there is a reasonable chance the CSR you get may be one of the clueless ones. The fact is, however, the clueless ones far outnumber the competent ones, and for a very good reason. Being a Tier I CSR is a fairly lousy job. 'Not the worst, by far, but still not great. Anyone who is really good will expect to move quickly out of such a position, or else seek better opportunities elsewhere. Thus, when a company gets a really competent Tier I CSR, they don't stay a Tier I CSR for very long.

    True, but not in similar numbers. Whether it sits well with you or not, the fact is you will find a great deal higher percentage of dolts filling near-minimum wage positions (like Tier I CSRs) than you will six figure engineering positions.

    Yes, but it's beside the point. The simple fact is technical support in most industries today is dismally poor. This doesn't mean every CSR is a moron, but there is an excellent chance of getting an underqualified individual on the phone when calling in to a tech support line.

    Of course not! It does improve the odds, however.

    Competence in a CSR does not require they know everything. It requires a good foundational understanding and an ability and willingness to find the correct answer when they don't know it.

    I agree one should give them the benefit of the doubt and show respect as long as they are making a proper and effective effort. The issue at hand, however, is not how one treats the CSR, but how much credence one gives the information obtained from them.
  4. bicker

    bicker bUU

    Nov 9, 2003
    This is key: I find that a very substantial amount of the criticisms launched at customer service is criticisms that the company doesn't actually sell the service that the customer wanted to buy, or the customer wants to do things with the service that is not the intended offering of the service provider. In either case, asking the service provider for help is ludicrous. If you want something other than the service offered, as it is offered, then you don't want to do business in the mass-market. You have specific desires and therefore should be aiming for a custom service offering, not expecting a mass-market provider to provide you a custom service.

    And compensation for Tier I CSRs is commensurate with the extent to which the general public wants to pay for the availability of advanced customer service.
  5. dig_duggler

    dig_duggler Member

    Sep 18, 2002
    Birmingham, AL


    So who else doesn't have the new version? HD units don't have a sw priority list and I'm curious. I'm not sure what the typical rollout timeframe is for HD units, but I bet someone here is familiar with it :)
  6. jrm01

    jrm01 New Member

    Oct 17, 2003
    I received 11.0 P3 on 11/20 for my TiVo HD. I still have not received 11.0 for my S3.

    New updates are all now P6 version. I would imagine that if that proves reliable over the next 4-5 days they will beging the general rollout to all users (including updating the P3 users to P6.

    The repeated Feature Message that everyone was getting has been fixed (even for P3 users).

    I still have the problem (with P3) in that the Manual recordings using clear-QAM channels (no guide data) don't work. I have provided details to TiVo and they are working on it.
  7. MickeS

    MickeS Well-Known Member

    Dec 26, 2002
    I still don't have it. I did get the 9.4 update for my Series 2 though.
  8. dig_duggler

    dig_duggler Member

    Sep 18, 2002
    Birmingham, AL
    Well, glad it's not just me. I did get it on my S2 a week ago (without signing up on a priority list) but my S3 is still waiting.
  9. mollie-32

    mollie-32 New Member

    Nov 29, 2008
    i have a series3 and i have yet to receive any updates...
    also, when i try to record a program, it doesn't have any information past tuesday 12/9 at 4 pm. i am connected by a wired home network and have "connected to the tivo service" several times, but it won't update the scheduling information. ???
  10. HJD

    HJD New Member

    Oct 30, 2002
    I received the new fall update as well. There is one very annoying bug that has crept in:

    Play a recorded show. Pause it. Skip ahead 30 seconds, or jump back a few seconds via the buttons. The audio takes a couple of seconds to come back, even though the video is already there.

    Very, very annoying to an otherwise great update.

    I'm running a stock Series3 TiVo.

    TivoPony or anyone else at TiVo -- any insights?

  11. oViTynoT

    oViTynoT Obvious Forum Lurker

    May 18, 2007
    Plano, TX
    I have that issue on 9.4...

    I think the TiVo has some serious HDCP sync issues...

    If I pause mine (still on 9.4) for a good while (maybe 10 to 15 minutes), the audio will NEVER return. I have to hit the TiVo button, scroll a few times through the menu (to get that Click Click sound) and then go back to watching.
  12. bicker

    bicker bUU

    Nov 9, 2003
    I have 11.0 on a S3, and don't have any sound delay problems, either long-standing or new.

    I did have that problem (coincidentally) with the Motorola DCT-3416III I used to have.
  13. slowbiscuit

    slowbiscuit FUBAR

    Sep 19, 2006
    In the ATL
    Agreed, I still have 9.4 and never see audio probs with HDMI and my set. Your problem might be how your TV is (mis)handling HDCP with the Tivo. Have you tried swapping tuners when this happens (the live TV button)?

    The audio prob I've seen is a slight lag between the HDMI output and the DD optical output, because the Tivo doesn't keep them in sync at times. So there is an echo effect between my TV and my receiver when this happens. Hitting quickskip to end or pressing pause/play usually gets HDMI and optical back in sync. Or just mute the TV, as most probably do.
  14. oViTynoT

    oViTynoT Obvious Forum Lurker

    May 18, 2007
    Plano, TX
    No, but I've tried swapping TVs.. S3 normally attached to an LG LCD via HDMI. When I first noticed this happening, I moved it to my 50" Panasonic Plasma... Same thing...

    No biggie, I'm so accustomed to the workaround by now...
  15. LoREvanescence

    LoREvanescence Always Autocorrected

    Jun 19, 2007
    Salem, MA
    TiVo is upto something now...

    I'm now getting the:

    Working on a Sunday night, I wonder what is in store for us for Monday=)
  16. HJD

    HJD New Member

    Oct 30, 2002
    As a followup to my own report. The problem only really manifests itself when I watch something I've rented from Amazon On Demand (Get Smart in this case). But it is absolutely repeatable 100% of the time.
  17. Dec 1, 2008 #117 of 356

    Bob723 New Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    I got the update - 11.0.P6-01-2-652 - on my HD TiVo on Nov. 27 / Thanksgiving Day. I did not have any issues before and everything is working fine so far. I got the video menu update about one week before that. As of today, there is no selection for Netflix - I'm looking forward to having that option.
  18. Dec 1, 2008 #118 of 356

    Dr_Zoidberg Member

    Jan 4, 2004
    Mine did clear up, and I only have 11.0.P3-01-2-652
  19. Dec 1, 2008 #119 of 356

    nemein New Member

    Jul 2, 2008
    Last I looked I have still have 9.4 on my TivoHD but I ran into a lot of odd problems over the weekend (of course I was out of town which means I missed a lot of shows :().

    - There were two marathons running over the weekend (different channels, different shows, different days) that are on the Season Pass list. I checked the machine Sat when I got home and it looked like neither one recorded... at least at first, I checked the machine Sunday and it looked like one did after all. Now maybe I missed it the first time (don't see how I could overlook 10 programs but stranger things have happened) and I checked to see if maybe it was picked up in repeat overnight, but the record dates seemed to be from the original show times. The second show never recorded at all.

    - Last night I noticed The Unit wasn't recording (unfortunately it was when it was about 1/2 over so I missed it) when I checked out the ToDo list huge chunks of programming weren't listed. Looking at individual Season Passes I could see the shows listed but there was no indication that they were going to be recorded. I resynced w/ Tivo (even though Sun morning it supposedly got a good connection) and the majority of the missing shows showed up. I still had to manually configure a couple of them (all of them were CBS shows IIRC) though.

    - While looking around the Season Pass list trying to figure out the above I tried deleting 3 or 4 Season Passes... none of them cleared. Whether or not I did it from the main menu via the clear button, or went to the season pass screen itself and selected delete there, all of them are still in the list.

    Are other people seeing these types of problems w/ 9.4? I never had any of these types of problems before the update. Is it just worth waiting until 11 (that's the next one w/ Netflix right) and seeing if that corrects these?

  20. Dec 1, 2008 #120 of 356

    andyf Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2000
    I have noticed that the display doesn't seem to update after deleting a SP. If you exit TDL and re-enter they will be gone.

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