New ext drive case? Or new Tivo?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by jscozz, May 24, 2011.

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    I have an S3 that I have used a FreeAgent with for a few years. Yesterday had an external drive not detected error... nothing would clear it. I ripped the drive apart and popped the bare drive into an open esata doc I have for my PC to mount bare drives, and plugged that into the S3 and all worked fine... so I know it was the FreeAgent enclosure that was bad.

    So, my question is... what is the best permanent enclosure I can get to keep using this drive with my S3?

    Alternatively, since I just actually added lifetime to my S3 a few months ago, is there any way I can just forget about the old S3 stuff all together and transfer lifetime to a new Premier XL? Is there any time frame from when I purchased the lifetime where if my old system dies I can move the lifetime to a new box?

    What would you do here?
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    1. I would call Tivo and ask what you propose here, although I would not put much faith in it happening. Please don't let that discourage you though.

    2. As far as keeping the S3, your best move now would be to forget about an external drive and install the largest single drive possible in the unit. That would be a 1.5 Tb drive, although the max capacity the S3 will actually utilize is like 1.3xTb. Actually, I think the same would apply even if you installed a 2 Tb drive, so whichever you could find at the best price. Of course you could even just use a 1 Tb drive.

    If you do go the largest single drive route, I believe it is not possible to copy the shows stored on the dual drive set up to a single drive. I believe whatever shows were recorded before you added the ext drive could be saved and copied to the new larger drive(after the external drive is divorced from the original internal). You can always transfer any shows you want to a computer, and back again later, alternatively.

    3. If you just want to preserve your set up as is, my vote is for the Antec MX 1 external SATA/USB enclosure. Mine has been virtually perfect for 3.5 years or so, although it costs about the same as a 1TB bare drive.

    If you do decide to go with a larger internal drive, all the info you need is in the Series 3 Drive Upgrade thread(sticky).

    Good luck.

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