New Element TVs - Amazon Fire TV edition uses Gracenote data for OTA

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by BadMouth, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. BadMouth

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    Feb 29, 2016


    Amazon Fire TV Edition Features Alexa, 4K Resolution, and Built-in DVR

    The article says it uses Gracenote data for OTA, but I can't find anything that says whether a separate subscription is required. 16GB allows pausing & rewinding live tv, but no real DVR.

    I'm not a fan of everything being built into the TV, but if they allowed for the connection of an external hard drive for true DVR functionality, they'd really have something.
  2. NashGuy

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    May 2, 2015
    Amazon may be slowly laying the pieces to act as a full-fledged next-gen TV provider. It would be super easy for them to take the live OTA features that they've built for these new TVs -- including on-screen guide, trick play, etc. -- and integrate that into their Fire TV box and stick, either through a built-in OTA tuner, a connected USB tuner, or a network tuner (e.g. SiliconDust HD HomeRun). And then allow DVR usage (maybe as a free perk that comes with Prime membership), storing shows either on a local connected hard drive or to the Amazon cloud. Amazon is the world's leading cloud technology company; if anyone could make that work, it would be them. (BTW, I don't think these new TVs require any kind of subscription for the OTA guide data from Gracenote; I think that's a "free" feature that Amazon provides.)

    Meanwhile, they have their Amazon Channels initiative that sells add-on subscriptions to services like Showtime, Starz and HBO (along with lesser-known ones like AcornTV). If you look at screen photos of these new Fire TV Edition televisions, you'll see that they're integrating the live streams of linear HBO channels in the guide/UI alongside local OTA channels. They're basically re-building the traditional cable box experience with a combination of OTA and streaming.

    It's been rumored for awhile that Amazon wants to expand Amazon Channels to include regular cable channels too, likely making them a direct competitor to the likes of PS Vue and Sling TV, although I've read that they may be putting that effort on the back burner for now. If they did so, I would think that those live cable channels would be integrated into the existing channel guide that already contains OTA and premium streaming channels. I could easily see the rumored $10 - 20 skinny cable bundle in the works from Discovery, Viacom, AMC, etc. -- which would contain no broadcast networks and no sports channels -- being a good fit for Amazon Channels customers who integrate the broadcast nets for free via OTA antenna.

    To be honest, that's what I was hoping my TiVo Roamio OTA would evolve into over time with software updates from TiVo and the eventual inclusion of apps like HBO Now, Showtime, etc. I don't think that will ever happen with TiVo but Amazon could certainly make it happen.
  3. tenthplanet

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    Mar 5, 2004
    Putting everything in one box, dvr and streaming invites disaster. When streaming devices crash/ and or services fail (and they do/will), it's handy having a dvr that's just a dvr. Redundancy is the key to sanity. :)
  4. Johncv

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    Jun 11, 2002
    Chula Vista, CA
    No HDR support (Could be wrong). Need 80-inch.
  5. Amphicar770

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    Jan 12, 2017


    I was thinking the same thing, that these may be the Tivo killer. Amazon is doing the things people here have been asking of TiVo for a while to no avail (i.e integrate it's guide and streaming channels into single view). Sadly, it sort of feels like TiVo has given up on R&D/Innovation while Amazon and others charge ahead.

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