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    I have a couple of issues here.

    Just got the new DirecTV Tivo that I have been waiting my entire adult life. At the same time, I was in the process of ripping all of my DVDs to a media center PC.

    I have several questions on this that I thought the community may be able to help with:

    First, Can I use this new box to stream video from my home PC? It appears in some areas that i can use Tivo Desktop Plus to do this. In which case, which file format should I use to maximize picture.

    My option had been to handbrake my DVDs into MP4 for Apple TV and stream to Apple TV, but I only get 420p.

    I am less concerned about how much storage I need and more concerned about maximizing picture quality and getting DVD menus/special features to work. I would love to get HD.

    For this reason, I have been drawn to DivX, but do not have experience with it.

    Second, some things I have found on the internet suggest I can not use Tivo Desktop Plus on my new DirecTV Tivo, just the basic. Is this a hard and fast rule or just another example of those facists at DirecTV trying to stifle Tivo functionality?

    Can anyone offer any incite?
  2. Johnwashere

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    I use my premier and HD to copy all my 720p MKV files from my windows 7 pc. It was wonderfully and surround sound even works so I was able to remove my HTPC from my seutp. I use pyTivo to make this work.
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    The THR22 does not support streaming of any kind at this time. Who knows if it ever will?

    There is a version of TiVo Desktop that works with the THR22, but only for photos and music.

    You might consider a Roku box or similar.

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