New Bolt+ can't get cable signal

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by alvamark, Jun 29, 2017.

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    I have a new Bolt+, got it last week during their promo. My provider is Cox, and I got three cable cards from them, two of which seem to work, they pair, Cox can "see" them, etc. I've also got two tuning adapters, both of which look like they should be working.

    The Problem - everything looks like it should be working, but there is no video/audio from a cable signal. I haven't gotten anything on this unit at all. Even without the tuning adapter, on the lower channels, e.g. Cox channel 3, there is no signal. I can stream to it, see Netflix, Amazon, etc, but nothing from cable.

    It keeps showing "Problem with the signal on this channel. Trying again. (V53)"

    Cox tech support doesn't quite know what to think of it, they're sending a tech in a couple of days.
    I called TiVo support, and they think I need to put a "signal attenuator" on the cable, because the signal is too strong.

    On the new box, it shows signal strength is 98%, SNR 39 dB, and TiVo says that's too strong. For what it's worth, an older TiVo Premiere XL shows 91%, 37 dB, same cable outlet, and the Premiere XL works.

    I don't get it, it's like the cable isn't even plugged in. I've swapped around cables, in case one of them was bad, but no difference. Tried it in another room, a different cable outlet, no change. And I'm afraid TiVo support will just give me bogus answers.

    Anyone have any bright ideas? Thanks!


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    My guess is cable card. The signal strength/snr numbers are okay on my Roamio, not sure on a Bolt. Not sure how it shows signal strength without something tuned to.

    There's a way to tell whether the cc is paired in diagnostics. Unfortunately, I forgot how. Hopefully someone will post here on what to look for.
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    I just hooked up two new Bolt Pluses on Cox system in Northern Virginia using self-install process. Both used XL4s for years and were familiar with local issues/problems/fixes. Both have tuning adapters and use Cisco cablecards. I had problems pairing cablecards and tuning all channels until Cox tech suggested the following. Previously XL4 hookups required coax cable from wall to tuning adapter and then from tuning adapters to TiVos (assuming no MoCa). Not so anymore. Cox now provides a free splitter kit to change installation wiring. The coax from the wall now goes to the two-way splitter. One cable from splitter goes to tuning adapter cable input and the other cable from splitter goes to TiVo cable input. The tuning adapter cable output port is no longer used. Tech provided additional step-by-step tips which worked. Despite this it took several some time and several hits by the tech to the cablecards to pair correctly. This was not a seamless process though not difficult. If your Cox cable setup is not like this you might want to try. In Northern Virginia, Cox now charges a hefty fee to come out make it work if self-installation fails.

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