New Blocklist module for TivoWebPlus 2.1

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    Blocklists were pretty much sidelined in TWP 2.1. This module puts them back in again and properly integrates them with the new rowformat layout.

    It's not the same thing as the "Tracker" module. Tracker err... tracks which programmes you *have* watched and doesn't re-record them; Blocklist blocks programmes which you *haven't* seen yet.

    Think of it more like an 'anti-WishList' ...
    e.g. "Don't record any programmes containing Crossroads in the title",
    or "Don't record the episode of The Waltons called Patch Gets Run Over but record all the other episodes",
    or "Don't record any programmes containing F1 in the title and shown at 7 pm on BBC2",

    You can block on anything contained in the Title, Episode Title, Day/Time, Channel, Description.


    When you view your ToDo or Suggestions list, any programmes matching the blocklists will be preselected for deletion. (Note they are not automatically deleted - this allows you to double-check beforehand.)

    1) Copy the following files to your TiVo overwriting the existing ones. (Make a backup first if you have customised these files at all). Then do a "Quick" restart.


    2) Edit the ToDo layout using "RowFormat" and add
    where you want the column to appear.
    (note - that's the backtick character and not the apostrophe).

    NB: you can't use this at the same time as the "Series Preselect" column so you should delete that one if it is present.

    Don't try and use it on other screens - since its purpose is to mark for deletion programmes in the ToDo list then it doesn't make sense to put it on any other screen rows ;)

    3) If you currently use the "todo_old" module then just switch to using the ordinary "todo" module and the blocklist module will automatically convert your existing blocklists the first time it is run.


    Please note: I don't claim authorship of this module - it is the xlist.itcl module originally written by 'denali' and 'sanderton' - although I have rewritten most of it for efficiency/performance :)

    Oh, one last thing, as the topic title says, this module is for TWP 2.1 - it will not work with 2.0, 1.3 or tivoweb 1.9.4

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  2. spitfires

    spitfires wassock

    Dec 19, 2006
    South Coast, UK
    New version (v1.0.2) to fix bug where multiple additions to blocklist caused a tcl error under certain circumstances


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