New 9.1 software has some serious bugs

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by avmike, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. mvnuenen

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    Jun 1, 2007
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    To complete my info: I have S3 -unmodified-, no eSATA, TWC, SA CC's, and a Pioneer PDP-4380HD plasma connected through HDMI (sound goes from S3 straight to AVR through optical). Only HD channels going blank on only CC2.
  2. shippy

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    Jun 20, 2003
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    I'm also having the FF, RW and 30sec skip problems, but only on my S3. My S2 still works as it did before. On the S3 when I hit 30sec skip several times in a row, I only get the first and then the very last image. I had assumed this was TiVo's way of forcing us to see some stuff while skipping and I was going to let it go, but I noticed that at the very end of a FF or RW, it stops for just a second before popping back or forward into the real spot. This is what I'm most annoyed about because if I'm fast-forwarding into a program that's about to announce a winner for example, I don't want to potentially see the happy expression on the winners face and then have it pop back and now I'm watching the show for real. The TiVo just gave away the winner w/nothing I can do!

    Also, the 8-second rewind has the same problem as the 30-second skip. I can hit it multiple times in a row, but the image won't change until I wait a couple seconds. Very, very annoying. I've had TiVos for years and never have noticed a change in behavior. It's very unsettling to see this extra bugginess creeping into my TiVo software. I wish they would slow down and polish up some stuff before moving onto new features. This pausing while moving around is just really bugging me.
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    Experienced the same problem consistently since 9.1 - one card would not retain its ability to tune anything but the "basic" channels for more than a day after receiving a hit from the cable company. I thought this was just a card that had gone bad since it occurred occasionally in the weeks prior. Could also be that I am seeing the problem more now that the fall season is putting more demand on both tuners daily.

    I was running two s-cards in my S3. I called the cable company and ordered two m-cards to use instead (after confiming here that the m-card is handled as an s-card in the older S3 Tivo and that I would need two). Several reasons for going with the m-card over replacing the one bad s-card though some or all may not be valid: newer technology is better than the older, m-cards would still work if one data stream went bad (just my logic, nothing to back this up), 9.1 is the first major revision since the HD Tivo came out (the one that actually can operate using a single m-card) and there may be a bug in the software.

    All of the above are just theories. It was likely just a bad card. But, there seems to be an increase in this problem recently judging by the comments here. So, maybe not. Worth noting that so far there have been no problems with the blank recording issue since the m-cards were put in. KNOCKING ON WOOD TABLE AS I TYPE THIS! ;)
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    Jan 20, 2004
    I called in to Tivo to report my displeasure at this 'feature' of 9.1, and they said that they were aware of it and workign on a patch that addresses it. The support person I spoke to said it would be out well before the November release that enables TTG.
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    Oct 7, 2007


    Where's the "de-priority" list... I dont want this 9.1 crap on my Tivo HD.

    My Tivo HD (OTA Digital Only) is working absolutely perfectly without a single noticeable flaw.

    I hope I don't get 9.1 anytime soon before they fix all these issues.
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    I just called them too. They made me do a "hard re-boot" but of course it made no difference. They did tell me that they were working on a patch for various problems. I did get an open case number but could not get him to commit to knowing about the 30 second skip and Instant replay "video lag" problem. He seemed to think I was talking about "Fast Forward and Rewind". So yeah, there's a patch on the way, but I'm not so sure TiVo is aware of the problem specifically. Here is TiVo's phone number if anyone would like to call and make sure they get their specific problem on their radar:

    TiVo-Manufactured DVR Technical Support
    24 hour automated support: 877-367-8486
    Phone number: 877-367-8486
    Hours of operation:
    Monday - Sunday
    8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Pacific

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