Networking and unrequested programs in todo list.

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by alxbrewer, Aug 24, 2007.

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    Sep 5, 2006


    Ok, first I've tried all the rebooting and deleting, un-plugging and so forth. Also talked to TiVo support, no answers, at a lost. So here goes:

    Ok, networked my tivos' quite a while back with no problem. Then I moved. Two tivo's in bedroom, dual tuner in den. Connected laptop, tivo and router with cat5. Replace linksys wireless ant. with tivo's ant. Everything worked great!! Love the new ant's. Never used wep or wap, keep losing tivo's and live in what I think is a an ok area, but I was unprotected. I know, very bad. But lazy. About 3 weeks ago in my todo I started getting three programs I never requested, red thumbs, turned off tivo suggestions, no joy. The programs, The Simsons, Colbrook Report, Big Brother 8. Deleted all. Now this was happing on one tivo in bedroom and the one in the den. So when tivo had no answers I turned off sharing, tivo to go, home network. After 3 days none of the unwanted shows have shown back up. But I can't seem to get the tivos seeing each other, see the network. By the way when I had did the original setup after all was working disconnect computer from router. 3 computers on wireless, two tivo's, one tivo with cat 5 is the only thing connected to the router. Think I have to connect a computer back up to router to reconnect?? :eek: By the way reason for disconecting all, was wondering if one tivo being hit, and transferring to other tivo??

    Sorry for long post wanted to get all information out. Thanks for any help, and I was told by tivo rep that it was now easy to use wep/wap that true??

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