Network (MOCA) Problem re Connecting Mini Vox

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by BigGuyB, Aug 7, 2018.

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    Aug 7, 2018


    I have been successfully using a TiVo mini that mirrored my BOLT for about 18 months. Recently needed to replace the TV that was connected to the Mini because an electrical storm fried the motherboard and killed the TV. Replaced the TV with a new 4K TV, upgraded from mini (does not support 4K) to Mini Vox (4K) and, after spending 8 hrs on phone with TiVo support (3 different calls) and 2.5 hrs with technician from my cable co, have still not been able to connect via the MOCA. Network setup repeatedly results in C33 error. Anyone have any ideas how to get this to connect? Before you answer, here are a few things I have done to try to resolve:
    • Upgraded all coax splitters with new with at least 2 Ghz capacity
    • Replaced coax going into both Bolt and mini
    • Confirmed and reconfirmed proper connections for MOCA (TiVo bridge, PEO, etc)
    • Connected TiVo Bolt to new 4K TV - works great, so no apparent problem With wiring going into the room despite the electrical storm that started this whole problem
    • Had cable company confirm proper signal coming into house
    • Before I got the mini Vox, I put the Bolt on the new TV and my old mini on my old TV (the one that did not die in storm). Was able to get signal from Bolt to mini, but picture was choppy and eventually I got error messages that said there was not enough network strength (this was before I upgraded the splitters so that may have contributed to the problem). Ultimately abandoned the set up because TV with mini was nearly unwatchable with all skips and freeze frames.
    As you might imagine, this is incredibly frustrating, particularly since the MOCA worked great for a long time and the TiVo technicians on the phone keep putting me through the same routines to try to resolve with no success. Any ideas appreciated.
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    You don't give much detail.

    How many total MoCA devices?

    How do they connect to each other / What is the coax layout?


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    I can understand your frustration. From the network screens from both the Bolt and the Mini, how many nodes are showing up? What are the PHY and Tx / Rx power rates?

    Keep in mind that not non-MoCA rated splitter, even @ 2 GHz, may still cause problems. Depending on the configuration, the MoCA signal may port jump from splitter port to splitter port. MoCA rated splitters have an isolation loss typically from 25 db to 30 db in the MoCA Extended D band, while non-Moca splitters may be much higher. While it's pretty robust, MoCA can tolerate about only ~ 55 dB of loss in the signal path before the link rates fall off the digital cliff.
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    Since you have a TiVo Bridge MoCA adapter available, one quick test would be to connect the TiVo Bridge via Ethernet to your router LAN, then direct-connect the Mini VOX via coax to the TiVo Bridge and configure the Mini VOX as a MoCA client.

    It’ll require temporary relocation of the Mini, plus a monitor to which the Mini can connect, but it would confirm basic MoCA connectivity is possible between the two devices. (Noting that functionality will be severely limited if the Mini’s host DVR is inaccessible owing to the temporarily disconnected TiVo Bridge.
  5. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003


    Right. Just buying splitters with a higher frequency rating printed on the label doesn’t mean the splitter is any more well-suited for MoCA.

    Recommended splitters include Holland’s GHS-PRO-M series (see here) and Verizon’s MoCA 2.0-rated splitters.

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