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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by rob_gendreau, Jul 24, 2012.

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    We've got a Premiere and a Premiere XL4 in a house with all sorts of other networked stuff: PS3, Macs, PC, iPhone, iPad, etc.

    I'm a bit puzzled how to work out a useful sharing scenario. We have two Tivos because we don't watch a lot of stuff together. There's only the occasional movie or TV show; it's even a split with the Olympic sports. So we don't really need to share what we record on the Tivos; it's easier to just double record the few things in common.

    And of course each has their own phone and computer, or at least separate accounts. And separate emails, separate Pandora accounts, separate YouTube/gmail accounts, etc.

    So here's where I'm stumped:

    The free Hulu Plus account seems to be only for one-person use, correct? I don't see a way to share one paid account without running into issues once we start watching on mobile devices. I have the account in my name; would I even be able to associate another Hulu Plus (or Netflix for that matter) account with a Tivo?

    Second, is there a way to share media from a Mac only to a certain Tivo? We've got separate music libraries, for example, but Tivo Desktop just seems to share the current user's iTunes Library.

    Third, we haven't tried this yet, but what if each of us fires up the Tivo app on an iOS device? Will it work with both Tivos as long as we each select the right one to control?

    Fourth, since both Tivos have lifetime, would it have been better to have two accounts? I suppose we'd lose the $100 discount, but would we? It might actually make things easier.
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    You need to ask Hulu and Netflix about the accounts but if they are anything like the Amazon VOD, when you set it up it links to your Tivo account and is usable on all networked Tivos unless you go to your Tivo account and uncheck the download box. The way around this is to split the Tivos into separate accounts.

    As for the media sharing, have you tried kmttg instead of Tivo Desktop?

    Don't know anything about the Tivo app. Still waiting for them to make it available for my "Dumb Phone". :rolleyes:

    You need to talk to Tivo about the separate acconts and whether they would both qualify for the MSD on future boxes. If not, then the account that does qualify could buy the new box, with lifetime, and then give/sell it to anyone else. The lifetime is always good even if the box doesn't qualify for future MSD purchases.
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    Are those separate music libraries on separate computers?

    If so, install and run TiVo Desktop on both computers, and you'll be able to access either one at the bottom of Now Playing.

    And if you haven't already, figure out how many devices on your home network ever need to travel and connect to other networks, take that number and add between 1 and 5, and change your router DHCP settings to only have a range of that many assignable by DHCP numbers.

    Then give everything else on the network a fixed IP address.

    Reduces the number of things that can go wrong.

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