Netgear Universal Wireless-N Internet Adapter for Home Theater Devices (WNCE2001)

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    I re-activated my Premiere OTA prior to purchasing a refurb Roamio last week. I could not find the USB wifi adaptor for the Premiere, so I thought I would try my Netgear Universal Wireless-N Internet Adapter (WNCE2001), to see if it would work to connect the two Tivo boxes for transferring programs.

    To my surprise, the adaptor allows streaming between the boxes. No transfers required. With the Tivo USB wireless G adaptor I would have to transfer the programs before watching.

    I bought my refurbished Netgear Universal Wireless-N Adapter (WNCE2001) a few years ago from Amazon for about $20. I used it to back feed my unlimited Verizon data into my home wireless router. Verizon did away with unlimited data plans, so my adapter was sitting in a drawer unused.

    I found out why so many of these devices are refurbished. They tend to lose their software, usually through a power loss, thus needing to be re-flashed. This happened to me. Took a few hours of Google searches, but I found the necessary files and instructions to re-flash the WNCE2001.

    So if you are looking for an adapter to wirelessly connect two boxes, this is an economical and fast way to do so. You can find them on Amazon refurbished for about $25.
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    Here's something to try. Under Settings, Network, View network diagnostics, View transfer history, check the speed of transfer between the boxes. When I start the transfer from my Roamio it is always 80+Mb/s but when I start it from my Premiere it is always 60+Mb/s. When I transfer from the Roamio to the PC I get 100Mb/s. It's a basic Roamio/Premiere and both are wireless.

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