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  1. Anubys

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    Jul 16, 2004


    Incest is bad because of the biological problems introduced into the gene pool, right? we've been taught that it's bad because of that reason. If that's not an issue, it's perfectly natural for people who grow up together to develop a strong bond.

    I'm not saying it's not a little weird...I'm trying to look at it intellectually...I don't like applying a rule that does not apply to the situation...does that make sense?
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    Mar 23, 2003
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    I was referring more to the social definition of incest, not the legal one. I'd be hesitant to bring laws into the conversation since there are so many senseless and archaic laws still on the books.

    I don't have any desire to get into an ethical argument on the subject, but I think it's safe to say that most of our society frowns upon it.
  3. pgogborn

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    Nov 11, 2002

    In the words of the author of the original comic book version the Alison Luther relationship is "kind of f***ed up".

    Disregarding what has happened in the comic book version and only looking at the Netflix version do we know they don't all have the same father?
  4. Anubys

    Anubys All About Footwork

    Jul 16, 2004
    I know nothing of the comic, but it just seemed like they were not related the way they acted...

    anyway...didn't mean to derail the thread...

    can we all agree that Luther is an idiot? :D
  5. pgogborn

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    Nov 11, 2002


    Apart from:
    They refer to each other as brothers and sisters,
    Pogo (the chimpanzee) refers to them as brothers and sisters,
    The person who found Vanya's journal refers to them as brothers and sisters,
    People on the street/press refer to them as brothers and sisters,
    The Time Commission refer to them as brothers and sisters,
    The police refer to them as brothers and sisters.

    For example -

    episode 1:
    [MAN 3] Allison! - Allison! - Allison! Have you heard the news? When was the last time you saw your father? Have you heard from your brothers? [WOMAN] Allison, will you wear Valentino to the funeral?

    [FIVE SIGHS] Don't remember this place being such a shithole. I used to come here as a kid. Used to sneak out with my brothers and sisters and eat doughnuts till we puked.

    episode 4:
    [KLAUS] Just, please please let me go. Please. [CHA-CHA (Time Commission Agent)] Well, technically, we want your brother.

    [DETECTIVE PATCH] Are you Diego's brother? - [KLAUS, MUFFLED] Yeah.

    episode 5:
    [LEONARD (the person who found Vanya's journal)] You know, I don't think your sister likes me very much. [VANYA] No.

    [VANYA] I haven't seen you in 12 years, and all of a sudden you're giving me dating advice? [ALLISON] I'm still your sister, and I am concerned about you and him.

    episode 10:
    [POGO] Miss Vanya. That's quite enough! Miss Vanya I understand how upset you are. But I can assure you that none of your siblings bear any responsibility for what happened to you as a child. Did you know? Your father discovered that you were capable of great things. Much like your brothers and sister.

    Because of the repetition it seems to me the script writers considered their sibling relationship to be an important part of the story.
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  6. trainman

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    Jan 29, 2001
    Finally finished watching this. Someone on Twitter referred to it as "Royal Tenenbaums Watchmen," which I thought was hilarious (and appropriate).

    What I'm curious about is how Alison's power was discovered in the first place, given that having to say "I heard a rumor..." is fairly specific.

    Looking forward to a season 2.
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  7. Thom

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    Jun 5, 2000
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    I thought her power was making someone believe what she told them. I think her "I heard a rumor..." is just a habit she developed.
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  8. Fahtrim

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    Apr 12, 2004
    Uncle Luther vs Aunt Robin on "How I Hooked up with Robin Met your Mother" ??
  9. lambertman

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Liked enough to continue with S2 but it had its fair share of problems. Too twee for its own good at times and some of the bad guys were way too easy to dispatch, but I think Five saves the whole exercise for me. (Mary J. Blige was also fantastic.)

    I don't know the source material so I'm just going to have to trust there's enough story left for ten more decently-paced eps.
  10. bruinfan

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    Jan 17, 2006
    Elk Grove, CA
    just finished....

    first off, I have no idea about the source material, or had a thought there would be a season 2... so I was expecting an ending... so...
    I thoroughly enjoyed the series from beginning to end, and then was let down big time when the final credits rolled.... expecting some resolution...

    but in a good way.

    can't wait for season 2.
  11. Malcontent

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    Sep 4, 2004
    Same weird family. New weird problems. The Umbrella Academy returns on July 31

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  12. Malcontent

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    Sep 4, 2004

  13. astrohip

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    Jan 6, 2003
    I'm going to post this without reading any of this thread...

    I just started watching this. There was so much positive buzz here about S2, and then I see it's Netflix's #1 trending series, so I figure I'll give it a try. I just finished S1E4. Good series so far.

    I'll come back when I finish this first season.

    Which is my main complaint about streaming series that drop all at once, and forum discussions. You can't join the discussion until you finish, and I'm not much of a binger. I watch about one a night. I love the way Disney+ did The Mandalorian, it actually gave me a chance to watch each episode before the next. But that's a discussion for another thread...
  14. astrohip

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    Jan 6, 2003
    Finished! Binged the last three eps tonight (of S1), because tomorrow is Lucifer, and I need a clean, open schedule.

    Good series, fun to watch. Not totally thrilled about the ending, not a fan of open-ended cliffhangers. Really well cast, the only character that I didn't fully enjoy was Luther, and mainly because he's a colossal dumb-ass. Like George, whenever there's a decision to be made, you can safely assume Luther will make the wrong one. The Hazel & Cha-Cha sub-story was more fun than it should have been. And at first I though the donut lady and the Manager Lady might be the same person (similar appearance).

    Really enjoyed Five, with Klaus a close second. Dad is clearly an alien, with rockets in the background of his back-story.

    I'll get around to S2 someday...

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