Netflix is Making Me Crash

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by casperc65, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. casperc65

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    Oct 2, 2010


    This has happened about 3 times over the past few weeks.

    I have a premiere box (not the expensive version) and also am hooked up to a tuning adapter and have a storage enhancer attached.

    As I said in the first sentence, three different times now I've tried to use netflix and it makes my entire system crash and reboot. (one of the times not only did it make my tivo box reboot, but it f'd up the tuning adapter and I had to tinker with it for 15 minutes just to get my channels to come back).

    Any idea what causes this? One of the times I started to watch a show, found out it was not the right show and went back in the menu and that's when it crashed. Last night I was going to watch a movie, it started to load, I pressed pause a moment to get a drink and came back to see my Tivo was rebooting).
  2. ewilts

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    Netflix on TiVo has had known problems like this for several years. There is no fix in sight.

    Get something else to stream Netflix if you want stability. A Roku box is cheap and is MUCH better than a TiVo at online streaming.
  3. orangeboy

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    Apr 19, 2004
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    It's funny - I don't have any problems with Netflix on either my Series 3 or Premiere. I'm hardwired to my LAN (via MoCA adapters), and use a static address. So the "known problems for years" apparently doesn't apply to me.
  4. dlfl

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    The 11.0k software update just now being pushed for Series 3 is supposed to have a fix for Netflix lockups. I don't know what the situation is for Premieres. As posted earlier, these problems have been there for years, i.e., since TiVo first started doing Netflix. And the consensus here is that any other box that gets Netflix will perform much better than TiVo. However, as orangeboy's post illustrates, there are people who have no problems.

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