netflix client freezing for a few minutes when trick play buttons active

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    Using a TIVO Roamio OTA Series 5 software version 20.7.4b.RC3-846-6-846 and having a problem with Netflix playback. The device, account and netflix service have been in service for several years and other than the problem noted here, have worked well. The TIVO device is connected to Internet using wired Ethernet connection. There are no indications that the Internet connection lacks capacity (no playback artifacts, buffering, etc.) The hand held remote control shows battery level at 60% and works normally (no other issues with missing keystrokes.)

    The problem with Netflix playback involves trick play buttons, in particular "fast forward". When hitting fast forward repeatedly (to skip a section of a movie), occasionally (as in once or twice during a given movie playback session), the tivo box becomes unresponsive (does not respond to further remote control inputs and video/audio freezes.) This clears after a few minutes (typically 1-3 minutes), at which point it operates normally again. During normal playback (without using trick play buttons) there are no other playback difficulties.

    How can I go about troubleshooting this? Should I post this issue elsewhere (a different part of the community?)

    Thank you!
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    There is no 'Real' trick play in the apps. In Netflix, each additional press of REW or FF increases speed in that direction, and buffering occurs. I don't use that feature, instead I use the left and right arrows to REW or FF and that shows the frames and each press goes to the next 10 seconds and the frame, then press Select to continue normally.

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