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  1. simon416

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    Feb 5, 2012
    add/upsize drive. New to Community/Forms - apologies for anything I'm not doing correctly. Belleville Canada based - Tivo is provided/supported by ISP Cogeco. They supply their branded version of Roamio Pro - calling it "Tivo T6". Looking for help/willing to pay (if OK) to facilitate moving programs from Tivo to other drives - ideally - or upsize/put in largest drive possible. Cogeco/ISP Tech says the USB and eSata connectors are disabled - can't add drive that way. With previous Tivos - and their software - I was able to up/download programs back and forth between Tivo and Computer. Cogeco Tech also said drive in this unit is 2.5 inch - and that "if a guy was to upsize - would need to be careful of new drive fitting". Appreciate any help/suggestions ASAP. Have a wife that needs to keep ALL of her Dancing etc. recordings. Hoping OK/apologies if not to give my contact/willing to pay info: Simon 416.878.2025 Thanks !!
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    Unless you directly own the Tivo, have access to account associated to this Tivo, It would be unwise to do any hardware upgrading on the Tivo (CableCo property.) The tech is incorrect, the drive size in a Roamio is 3.5 inch/PC hard drive. A 2.5 inch is a laptop drive.

    Without access to the account as well as Media Access Key, you will not be able to transfer/copy shows to/from the Tivo.
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  3. simon416

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    Feb 5, 2012
    Thanks - unfortunately, takes away a lot of Tivo upsides. Doubt/but will inquire if possibility to purchase my own Tivo/have CableCo support it. Other option would be put up aerial and purchase/go Roamio OTA - which I should be able to upsize drive ?? Have done with Tivo's in past. What's max drive size You'd recommend for a Roamio OTA ?? Any other thoughts/suggestions. Really appreciate feedback/thoughts !!
  4. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003
    What’s preventing you from offloading shows to a PC, now?

    Have you tried @Dan203’s Easier to use pyTivo? It’s a functional replacement for the TiVo Desktop software, allowing offloading/restoring shows, though with a few caveats:
    • You have a compatible computer on which to install it, sufficient networking, archive drive with enough capacity and supported filesystem, etc.
    • You know the TiVo’s MAK (Media Access Key).
    • The recording is not copy-protected.
    • Not restricted in some other way by the cable provider.
  5. krkaufman

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    Nov 25, 2003
    What’s that, access to Cogeco’s on-demand library? What takes away what?

    Access to on-demand is the main reason I’d see for leasing a TiVo from a provider, putting aside financial/ROI considerations. We’re ~fortunately~ Comcast customers and, so, have access to Xfinity On Demand via our retail TiVo.

    Max DIY drive size for any Roamio series is currently 8TB, requiring a brief connection to a Windows system to allow the MFS Reformatter utility (link) to expand and align the partition(s). Note that this utility only works with new/fresh TiVo drives. As for recommended size, you may want to inquire further. (I’ve heard tell of some with stability issues when filling-up an 8TB drive, or that larger drives may require more power than the stock Roamio OTA power brick can reliably supply.)

    Also, specifically Re: the Roamio OTA model, see:
    Though just a 4-tuner model (lacking built-in mobile streaming and MoCA).
  6. krkaufman

    krkaufman TDL shepherd

    Nov 25, 2003
    @simon416, FYI... At least on my retail TiVo Mini running the gen3/Encore/20.* UI, our Media Access Key can be found via the Account & System Info menu:

    TiVo Central
    > Settings & Messages
    > Help
    > Account & System Info
    > Media Access Key
  7. ggieseke

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    May 30, 2008
    If your cable company is providing a Roamio Pro that's already a 3TB drive (estimated 480 HD hours). I'm on Comcast, and since they took most of the channels to badly overcompressed H.264 at 720p the capacity increased drastically. My 3TB Pro has over 850 hours recorded right now and it's only at 90% disk utilization. OTA tends to have much higher quality and disk space requirements, so the factory disk space estimate is a lot more accurate.

    I don't know much about Cogeco or whether they support downloading to a computer on the models they rent. Some do, some don't, and it's up to them.

    The expansion techniques for drives up to 8TB that krkaufman mentioned using MFS Reformatter should work even for a cableco-provided TiVo, but it's a total reformat. If you go that route do it quickly before you have a ton of recordings that you don't want to lose, and keep the factory 3TB drive handy if you ever decide to give it back to them.
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  8. HerronScott

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    Check out MFSTools 3.2.

    MFS Tools 3.2

  9. Bigg

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    Oct 30, 2003
    You should delete your contact info from a post on a public forum. They get scraped.

    I think you can transfer recordings off and back on using TiVo Desktop, no? You just need the MAK.

    As for upgrading the drive, probably not a good idea, since it's not your box, and you're technically not allowed to do that. I doubt they would let you have your own TiVo with CableCard, but it's possible. It's not required by law in Canada like it is in the US AFAIK.

    Your best bet is to get a Roamio OTA, put a 3TB drive in it, and use that for OTA, and keep the Cogeco box for cable. I don't know if you could get the Cogeco box linked to your account. You can in the US with RCN and other TiVo MSOs, but they have to offer CableCard, so it's plausible that you'd have a mixed setup of owned and rented TiVos. Without linking the accounts, you wouldn't be able to transfer between the TiVos.

    I believe the T6 has a 1TB hard drive? That should be plenty for everything except Olympics if you're managing it halfway properly. It took me years, but I finally realized that I needed to stop letting crap build up and not watch it, so now I watch or delete everything on it basically on a weekly basis. At some point it will probably build up for a few weeks if I'm busy, but I'll make sure not to let stuff marinate on there for months at a time. If I don't watch it in a few weeks, I'm probably not going to, and have to either watch or delete it.

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