Need subscription to do tivo to tivo?

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    We have a television with no cable box (broadcast tv & dvd only) in the bedroom and are considering a series 2 Tivo up there for no purpose other than to watch shows recorded on the living room series 2 tivo (which has the the cable box).

    Will we need a subscription on the bedroom box to accomplish this? (the living room tv is lifetime). We have absolutely no desire to record from the bedroom tivo, so if we can literally only watch the other tivo's recordings we will be happy.

    I figured a used tivo series 2 from ebay would be OK for our needs, even the size of the hard drive would be irrelevant, since we'd simply watch & delete, never record. Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Unfortunately, the Tivo has to be subbed for the MRV transfers to work. Since you have a liftime Tivo on your account, it would only cost $6.95 to sub your bedroom Tivo. If you want the ability to view shows upstairs without monthly service fee, you could always buy a nice big LCD monitor and connect a networked PC in your bedroom -- then you could TivoToGo shows to that PC and watch them on your LCD.
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    Get a video/remote extender.
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    If it's an option for you, you could run the RF (cable) output from the Tivo from the living room to the bedroom. Then use a remote extender to control the Tivo from tea bedroom. I did that before the multi room viewing was available. The quality was better in my opinion then you could get from a video extender. Also, there's this new gadget called Slingbox that I believe you could use to send your shows on your network through wireless.

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