Need some Brainpower help here...Fios Series 3 not getting 2 specific frequencies

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by sender_name, Jun 8, 2019.

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    So here is my issue...
    I have a Series 3.
    I am on Fios TV massachusetts. Wednesday night around midnight I think they did an Emergency broadcast test...fine whatever, not what I would focus on... The tivo did the usual kick you out to live programming so you can see the emergency.

    Well ever since that I have not been able to get any HD channels on frequencies 573,000 (502,511,546,514,518,521) or 495,000 (510,504,508,509,505). Those channels show a grey screen only. No prompt for subscription or anything. These are all the LOCAL HD affiliated channels, NBC, ABC, CBS etc.
    The DVR Diagnostic shows 100% signal with no corruptions or fixes.
    I borrowed another (EXACT same model) Series 3 tivo from someone in town on the same Fios and their tivo also doesn't get the channels, but did get all THEIR channels...
    I have had 2 new cards installed.
    Tech replaced the ONT with a new Gigabit one

    Two of the channels are greyed out but have audio...
    They are baffled as to what might be causing this. Verizon is at the point where they have scheduled another follow up to plug in some equipment here to test the actual channels but since they've had no other complaints they think it's something specific with the Series 3 tivo. I wouldn't be surprised to find if I the last series 3 tivo in my town :(

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